• Coc is better

    Clash is better because it has more strategy! Minecraft is just running around building random stuff and it gets boring pretty quick. In clash you have to manage your rescorces and deploy your troop with strategy. Also you have a choice of who you talk to. In a minecraft server everyone is all cheating at once and you can never see anything that people say.

  • Hi nice to meet u

    This is why i like coc more than minecraft cause of like ham cheese sandwitchs ii i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i iii i i i i i i i i ii i ii i ii i i i i i i i i

  • Clash is better

    Clash is better because it allows you to have social interaction to discuss strategies and clan bonding, and it never ends. Minecraft on the other hand restarts you if you die and if you play on hardcore it completely deletes your world and there is no getting it back.

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  • What is the ultimate goal?

    I think COC is better because there is an ultimate goal. To become stronger and advance to the "end" of the game. In Minecraft it's so imaginary that there is really no end point or goal in the game. I agree there's more you can "imagine and do", But to what end?

  • Clash of clans is Totally better!!

    I think clash of clans is the best cause it is about strategy and how you deploy your troops and earn gold, elixer and dark elixer effectively but in Minecraft it is just building random stuff and can easily get boring i have experienced this myself! In clash if clans it is more private and you could chose who to talk to! You can also discuss strategy and move up into higher leagues. In clash of clans it is easier to report misbehavior and cheating. Also clash of clans is really addictive and is really fun to play. I am not saying Minecraft is bad but CoC is way better than Minecraft.

  • Oviously duhh who donet know

    Mine craft is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better than clash of Clans. Clash of clans you take hours to get to a high level, in Minecraft you start with all the thing needed and it is MUCH more simple. You can build what ever you wish, you don't need to need to have money plus, you can have a lo

  • Clash is best

    I think (although I love both games) clash of clans has more strategy to it. Minecraft is the same cycle over and over again, whilst clash of clans you can chat online, make friends and fight for survival by training an army to get loot from others, minecraft you just build a house and mine escaping zombies and more. It's a close decision but clash of clans out-runs minecraft.

  • Clash of clans is greater why ?

    Why clash of clans is better than minecraft?
    Coc has more strategy , you can uprage lots of stuffs ( i know it takes hours ) , upgrade your laboratory to upgrade your troops, join a clan, upgrade your TOWN HALL ( maximum ) you can change your home village to war base....Lots of stuff ! , well its not boring...Its cooler than MC.

  • Clash of clans for the win

    Clash of clans is a game that can never end and even from the being it's fun playing it takes time and u get thing done Even when your of line unlike minecraft u have not much things to do and it gets boring plus it costs money clash of clans is a free game and it will make u smarter u get to face other people get to be the best person in the world because of the ranking unlike minecraft

  • Clash of clans is the best

    Minecraft is so much boring so delete it and install clash of clans or minecraft will ruin your brain whereas clash of clans is a strategy game and everybody love it so download clash of clans and it allows it us to do social interactions so minecraft is boring so delete it.

  • Minecraft is better than COC

    COC is the worst game I have ever played. Many people say that COC is strategic but Minecraft website www. Mcpedl. Com have a lot of Minecraft Maps which are a lot better than COC. At last, I want to say that Minecraft is a lot better than COC. And One more COC requires internet and not moblie data but Minecraft doesn't need internet actually.

  • Minecraft can perform your skill but the clash of clans cannot

    If you want to be an engineer, Minecraft is your choice because it can help you. However, The clash of clans cannot help you with anything. It only causes you addicted to playing this game. So, I support everyone plays Minecraft if you want to bring you to the right way.

  • Who comes up with these stupid questions?

    No microtransactions,you don't have to wait five bloody hours to do things, it isn't made with the intent of sapping money from people, and to top it all off it's just more fun.

    Phone games shouldn't be compared to PC games. That's like comparing the latest Street Fighter to Urban Legend In Limbo.

  • The thing is Minecraft was beaten in 95 seconds

    So yeah it is super annoying when I die with a fortune 3 diamond pickaxe plus then there's herobrine and he is just so annoying too plus u get into a bad habit of just playing it all day long like there's creative mode which it's not like defeating the enderdragon is only hard to kill on pocket

  • Minecraft is WAYYY better!!

    Minecraft is wayyy better than COC! You can build whatever you want, and if you are sick of building, fine! Play on a server. Strategy, and lots of fun! Its very hard and boring to play COC, and if you get to good, then it takes weeks to do anything! Minecraft is easy to play, and fun! It also allows you to play with practically anyone you want! Hop on a server, tons of different minigames, and you can play with anyone!!!

  • Minecraft is awsome

    Minecraft has more than 1 thing its milions of games in 1.You can build what you want and do anything also there is different kinds of games from fighting to building to parkour anything is possible there is lots of different things to do and you never get bord. Minecraft is awsome!

  • Family Friendly and Kid friendly

    People say that cold is better than Minecrfta but they don't know that's totally foolish. Minecraft is family friendly, moddable, universal and kid friendly. What's the speckling of clash of cans its not family friendly you need wifi tocolay it its not universal you cannot build your own structures. #ihatecoc

  • Educative, and much more

    Minecraft is the BEST game. Yet it costs $30, its worth it. It's highly moddable, when you're bored, while clash of clans- is just a waste of time. Minecraft is also much more educational. You can forge great redstone contraptions, while in clash of clans you just stare at the screen.

  • MC is better

    R r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
    It is educational and strategic. R r r r

  • Minecraft is better

    O b v i o u s l y. M i n e c r a f t i s b e t t e r. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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