Is clean coal propaganda created by coal lobbyists?

  • Clean Coal does not exist

    Coal contains millions of years of pent up carbon dioxide, including other air polluting chemicals. Therefore, burning coal releases those chemicals. While technology exists to scrub some chemicals out of the exhaust, the carbon and chemicals must go somewhere. Carbon sequestration helps, but there is not enough technology or manpower to sequestrate all the carbon dioxide released. That is why "clean" coal cannot exist.

  • Clean coal has been created by coal lobbyists, because no one else would spend so much money to make coal, which is a black and dirty product, seem green.

    Coal is a product which has a long history of being dirty, with mining and the accidents that go with them. Coal causes acid rain that takes layers off of paint, and it turns the skies black, with their factories. Suddenly, they have the technology to make this industry clean, at the same time that the country wants to go green. Most reports on clean coal technology do not have it being ready for use before 2025. So, with a technology that doesn't even exist, and with the country going green the only way to keep coal relevant as a power source, it is now advertised as a green technology. This is why coal lobbyists and coal advertisements are pushing clean.

    Posted by: FabulousGino75
  • Coal is a fundamentally dirty technology that needs phasing out.

    The idea of "clean coal" is a desperate attempt for the coal industry to stay relevant. As an energy source, coal's time has come and gone. Also, the notion that coal can be "clean" is not necessarily sound. However the coal is burned, it still needs to be extracted from the ground and refined. There is still a lot of potential for pollution there.

    Posted by: MarriedRudy
  • Yes, because there is no such thing as clean coal.

    I'm basing this on what I've heard all my life. My parents grew up in the days when most people heated with coal or wood, and they always said coal was the dirtiest way to heat your house. I've lived in a home with coal heat and, while I found it comfortable, in no way could it be called clean. Unless the coal lobbyists have found a new toxin and odorless form of coal, clean coal is propaganda.

    Posted by: ResoluteRosendo28
  • Clean coal is a term that exists to keep people's minds off of black lung, dead streams, and dead miners.

    Nearly 100 million gallons of waste water are produced by burning coal in a year. At the same time, it also produces 120 million tons of solid waste. These are undeniable facts that contradict "clean coal".

    Posted by: SweetEphe
  • Clean coal?? Oxymoron!!

    Mention the word "lobbyist" to any American and I'll bet the first few words that comes to mind are "greedy" and "liars". They're like puppets on a string. Coal contains a lot of mercury and other pollutants. Remember Black lung?? If coal ash is doing that to a person's lungs, imagine what it's doing to the environment while it's burning. While it may potentially one day in the future be "clean burning", today, lobbyist are just saying whatever it takes to line their pockets.

    Posted by: SIiPRoyce
  • Yes, because these lobbyists only care about selling coal, and thus create clean coal propaganda.

    Since the Nixon administration, there has been concern to maintain clean industry practices. However, this concern became just another way to promote dirty industries, by creating propaganda that aligns with the new green standards of production. The problem is that most of the time these standards are not met, specially in coal mining.

    Posted by: K Dillard 99
  • Clean coal propaganda is created by coal lobbyists because they are putting their own interests first.

    Clean coal propaganda is created by coal lobbyists because they are putting their own interests first. Coal is a dirty source of energy. Clean coal is an oxymoron. Coal lobbyists are spending nearly 50 million dollars on advertising propaganda to try to convince the gullible to protect their own interests. Coal burning is polluting our air and there is nothing clean about it. Coal is dirty and so are coal lobbyists.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • Of course clean coal propaganda is created by coal lobbyists.

    Who else would be writing it? There may be some research to back up their claims of "clean coal" however the propaganda written to disseminate the ideas about clean coal are certainly written by coal supporters and lobbyists. That is the definition of propaganda: language written to persuade or convince.

    Posted by: NatBIab
  • I agree with the view that the clean coal propaganda was created by coal lobbyists.

    I believe that the clean coal propaganda was created by coal lobbyists, as they specialize in the coal manufacturing.

    Posted by: C0nHeart
  • No, they don't have that kind of power to affect entire University Studies

    Ohio State University has been testing this method of clean coal for 15 years. Lobbyists simply don't have that kind of power. The University began the program because of the environmental need. The information provided by OSU isn't fiction, which as we know a great deal of targeted propaganda typically represents. I think this should be viewed for what it is, a technological breakthrough, rather than a plot to destroy the world. I find this simply ridiculous in nature to believe that this was devised by Lobbyists. Perhaps we could say that this information has been used by them certainly. As they should use it and so should everyone who is looking for better solutions. It is indeed an important breakthrough and should be seen as such and not reduced to the sinister objectives of Lobbyists.

  • no

    US will never run out of coal. Its the largest deposit in the world more than oil around the world. US can be Arabs of this latter-days. But because of oil companies greed they will continue to fool the public. Synthetic fuel which was developed by the Germans in World War II. It was developed to support their war machine because Germany did not have enough oil deposits. Because coal was plenty in Germany, scientist were able to produce gas from coal. A major breakthrough. Coal produces, methane, oil, gas all sorts of energy from that little black rock. Coal can produce enough gasoline to drop the prices to a nickel. That is how much impact it has in the US. Because of these large oil companies not sharing this info because they hold the original formula they continuing misleading the public, sucking the public dry. We will never or ever see it. "The Formula?" Coal producing Gas. Coal is the cleanest energy source proven by German scientist . Propaganda is used to sway prices of gas , to put coal resources astray. What the public does not know is that oil companies will continue to profit. This can be proven. Gather your top Scientist from all the major university who is involved in energy and investigate this. You will be sick to find out the truth.
    Major players who are in top of these greedy oil companies will not see heaven. The past and present. The day of judgment has come to past. Amen

  • Clean coal propaganda is created by those who want to eliminate the use of coal, rather than by those who lobby for the use of coal.

    Clean coal lobbyists are those who try to educate the public and lawmakers about the usefulness and benefits of coal. Because of advanced processes, burning coal does not contribute significantly to pollution, and it can be much less expensive to use than other sources of energy. Using our vast coal reserves can also free us from dependence on foreign oil. Continued progress in mining coal will make it even more affordable. The "clean coal lobby" tries to convince us that we must move away from oil completely.

    Posted by: ShiveringGerard
  • No, because clean coal is nothing more than a process to control pollution and enable us to live in a clean environment.

    I believe that clean coal has nothing to do with coal lobbyists. It is a process to help create a pollution-free environment for years to come. As most of the electric companies use coal for their production, the use of clean coal by these companies will arrest the pollution, and all of us can live in a clean environment.

    Posted by: SolidGiuseppe45
  • Propaganda is created by people who latch onto an idea and run with it, whether they profit from it or not.

    While I am sure that lobbyists have something to do with clean coal propaganda, all they did was create the idea. There are groups of people that, once they hear a concept that they feel interested them, will carry it above and beyond any initial intention of any company. Of course the lobbyists count on this and will direct their initial information towards these groups, but the propaganda bandwagon takes off with the activists, not the lobbyists.

    Posted by: C0nrKentros
  • Clean coal is an improvement in technology, as is so many other things happening in today's world.

    Clean coal is an improvement in technology, as is so many other things happening in today's world. As our way of doing things evolves, and we learn more about the environment, scientists have been instituting ways to make the capturing of CO2 and then compressing it to a liquid state more affordable and effective. Underground storage will be someday replaced by recycling it into the depleted natural gas fields.

    Posted by: 5c4ryCar

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