• Nuclear could have been the future

    All of the crazy fearmongering from those against nuclear power has no factual support. Only a handful of people died from working with nuclear energy while countless have died in other energy industries. Nuclear power is a lot cleaner and more efficiant than any other form of "green" energy. The main arguement against nuclear are horror stories about Chernoble and Fukishima, the combined death tolls and environmental effects of both being far less than that of other industies. A tiny amount of uranium is worth more than hundreds of barrels of oil or hundreds of tons of coal. Solar and wind kill wildlife but those against nuclear say nothing against this usually.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Nuclear power: still the cleanest energy, even if retro

    It's disappointing that nuclear power received such a bad reputation in its infancy. It truly is the original clean energy. People who claim that nuclear power isn't clean enough are simply uninformed by how much better it truly is compared to any other source. And it continues to get cleaner. Soon we'll have mass-marketed Thorium reactors which will have an even greater energy per waste ratio than the more common nuclear reactors.

  • Yes it is

    We live in a time where technology is advancing faster than ever. With that in mind we have to believe that in the next ten years we will see advances in Nuclear Energy. I believe that the United States already has done this and will show the world here in the next few years.

  • No, there are many other safer options

    Like stated earlier nuclear power is very dangerous and I have seen firsthand what can happen after a nuclear power mishap. We need to research other options such as solar power, or hydrogen power. These would be much safer options then nuclear power. We have already been using solar power for some time and it has proven to be very effective. Hydrogen power has been something that has been talked about for awhile now and I believe it should be researched further. Nuclear power can not be considered "clean" power anymore. Not with other alternatives such as solar power, and the developing hydrogen power.

  • No to Nuclear

    For the forseeable future, there is no possibility of "clean" nuclear power. The danger of a nuclear mishap, combined with the difficulties of disposal of nuclear waste and of clean-up following a nuclear accident, outweigh any benefits of nuclear power. This question of "clean" nuclear energy would be met with consternation and disgust by a resident of Fukushima or Chernobyl. There are other types of energy with less chance for harm which need to be developed instead.

  • No, I don't see how that is possible.

    I think that nuclear power involves the use of things like Uranium and Plutonium, which give off poisonous waste that has to be stored very carefully. I'm not sure how "clean" nuclear power can be produced, unless a less toxic substance can be used. And if that is the case, why wouldn't they use it already?

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