• Jews deceiving the goyim

    I noticed the star of David fits inside the recycle icon as well. The climate change hoax (remember it used to be "global warming"?) is a ploy to milk non-jews of more money thru regulations and carbon taxes as well as manufacture a worldwide crisis that a global government will have to step-in and manage thus bringing the Jewish dream of world domination to fruition. Look up all the multi-national summits on climate change and the communist UN's efforts through the IPCC. It's the kikes.

  • Star of David fits perfectly

    The Star of David first perfectly into the recycling symbol, a symbol often associated with climate change and "going green". This seems like an extremely unlikely coincidence that is too unlikely to be pure chance. This points the finger to the Jewish people, a people often thought of as extremely cunning and intelligent. They are also known as manipulating, as they planned out 9/11 and shifted the blame to their natural foes, the Muslims. It is not much of a stretch to believe that they would also create a conspiracy about climate change, so as to get funding from governments and foolish people who trust them, and use that money to fund their master plans of planetary domination. Stop the Jews now!

  • Nathan jewmanski .

    Nathan jewmanski is the leading problem 4 climate changes in theworld. Blame him fight him ,. He is so bad cux hes jewmanski. Everyone thinks he is stupid so you should all agree with multiple peoples opinion............. Nathan jewmanski is a white girl. He likes to run over people with cars hsdniofsbdfuoisdbfsdbfsd

  • Duh come on man

    Think about it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 10 11 12 fuck fuck fuck fuck a 50 word count damn just 23 more a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog damn damn helix damn damn eight seven six five four three two one

  • There are no correlation between climate change to any religion.

    Just because the Star of David coincidentally appear in the 3 R's diagram means nothing. From what the other perspective wrote, It seems that they are extremely misinformed or they are just trolling. Religion does not determine whether their followers are good or bad. More importantly, Climate change is a hoax. It is real. There are more data supporting it then disproving it.

  • Some people can't tell the difference between climate and weather. This is due to stupidity.

    Thousands of actual scientists all of the entire world all agree, Climate change, Known as global warming, Is real and the cause is human beings burning carbon based fuels. It's time to convert to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power farms. Our grandkids futures depend on it.

  • How stupid would someone have to be to believe this?

    We have absolute proof of average temperatures rising over the past few decades, whether that is natural or human-made is beside the point. The point is that there are meteorologists of every nationality and ethnicity who have proven that the earth has gotten warmer over time. Also what would anyone gain by this if it was true? People always have a motive, and there cannot possibly be any conceivable motive for this unless it's "for the lols", and nobody has ever gotten far enough to convince the majority of the world on anything for that reason.

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