• Climate Change is the biggest challenge the human species faces this century

    Climate Change is the biggest challenge humanity faces this century.

    If humans are unable to reduce the emissions of CO2 and other green house gases given off by human activity, the consequences will be quite severe!

    As we chat, global warming is altering the planet - transforming the Earth's geography and climate. If we want control over our fate, it's best to act now.

  • More than People Realize

    Yes, climate change is a legitimate threat, but it is difficult for people to realize it because it is a slow process. Everyone has to admit weather patterns have changed over the last several years. Summers have become increasingly longer and hotter. The Midwest has very little spring weather anymore and goes from winter to hot summer temperatures with very little time in between. Ocean temperatures are rising, polar ice caps are melting, and weather extremes are becoming common. Right now, we are able to cope with these changes and continue to make adjustments to our lifestyles, but the time will come when the change is so drastic that we are no longer able to compensate for it.

  • Indeed it is

    It's just as much of a threat as the frighteningly high number of elected officials that insist it isn't happening. The past couple of years have displayed some weather that we will get wiped out if it continues to increase in frequency. There are a lot of problems here, and they will lead to short term destruction and long term extinction.

  • Climate change is a threat if we do not adjust to the new reality.

    Having experienced the hottest year on record, there is no doubt that our climate is changing. Given the prolonged droughts and destructive storms the United States has experienced as a result, it is apparent that this change does bring a legitimate threat. Unless we change the way we do things, i.e. adjust building codes, start thinking twice before building high-density housing on coastlines, this threat is bound to persist.

  • Threat.

    Yes, climate change is a very legitimate threat. We need to change the way we treat our planet and use our resources before we dig ourselves into a hole we cannot get out of, if we cannot keep our planet well, we can not be well. We all need to go green.

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The data seems to point in that direction.