• Yes, we are all endangered by the climate change

    Yes, the global health depends on the climate conditions. If climate changes, then the living conditions also change. We are witnessing the global trend of diseases increase. More and more people suffer from respiratory problems and that is due to the overall air intoxication because there are less and less forest and thus more and more carbon dioxide.

  • Yes, climate change is a public health emergency.

    Yes, climate change is a public health emergency because if the environment is polluted, then we become sick and could potentially die. Without a healthy world around us, we will all suffer. The animals we eat will die off, and we will be left with a shell of what the planet used to be.

  • Climate change is a public health emergency

    Yes, climate change is a public health emergency. In addition to the environmental effects such as floods, droughts, heat waves and poor air quality, climate change can lead to serious public health problems. Climate change can lead to migration of serious diseases as well as cause breathing problems due to air pollution.

  • Its Already Killing People

    A mass exodus from Africa into Europe has already occurred due to prolonged drought and within twenty years northern China is expected to become the next great dust bowel. The prolonged drought in the western US has already prompted them to secure an agreement with Canada to provide water if necessary, while a nervous Mexico sought reassurances that its water will not be cut off. The floods in the eastern and southern US are killing people as well and according to the scientists we should have started to do something about global warming years ago.

  • It is made up by politicians.

    Climate change is not a public health emergency, because there have not been significant health events because of climate change. Natural disasters are no worse than they have ever been; people are not dying because the temperature is raised one degree. The earth goes through periods of warming and cooling, without regard for what humans do.

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