• Climate change is of all ages

    The climate has and always will be a dynamic system. If the atmospere is indeed getting warmer, this is mostly due to natural processes. Humans are fools to think that they have it in their power to influence the climate and the earth's temperature. This believe that the human race can influence and possibly control the climate makes it, in my opinion, a religion.

  • Climate is changing

    Representative Cory from the Colorado was quote “I think the climate is changing, but I don’t believe humans are causing that change to the extent that’s been in the news.”The science proves that Representative Gardner is wrong. 97% of top climate scientists agree that man-made pollution is warming our planet.

  • Climate Activism mirrors religion.

    If someone says to you I think the uncertainty is too great to know if global warming is a problem to be concerned about. There would be outrage from the believers. Even though there is plenty of evidence to show uncertainty. A religion doesn't need facts to survive, only strong beliefs. Go look up Michael Crichton's essay on the subject.

  • Climate change? Do you mean environmentalism?

    No it's not a religion. It's closer to science unlike something ridiculous like atheism or the LGBT. Environmentalism is a concern for the changes in the biotic and abiotic conditions. Whether it's about preserving wildlife or keeping the weather in predictable, healthy and safe conditions to support life environmentalism is a reliable political interest group.

  • Science, Not Religion

    Climate change is a real thing that can be measured in temperature, carbon levels and drastic weather changes. Religious tenets and principles cannot be measured with scientific data. As such, climate change isn't a religion. It is, instead, a large body of scientific work that seems to be at the forefront of human consciousness. Since climate change will affect every human on the planet, scientists are urgently studying climate and the weather.

  • Climate change is a natural cause.

    Climate change is not a religion. Religion has nothing to do with the climate change. Religion is based on the views and laws of ones life not based on climate change. Climate changes are caused by many other problems such as castrophomic action or even a global warming. Climate changes causes reactions in our life but has nothing to do with religion.

  • Climate change is scientific fact. Not accepting it is "religion"

    Religion is a system of beliefs in things that are otherwise unprovable in reality. Physics shows that we are contributing excess amounts of CO2 and other gasses that are warming the atmosphere. Climate change is proven science and is clearly underway. Therefore, it is not religion.

    Those who deny climate change out of fear or peer pressure or whatever are the "religious" ones, hanging onto a "belief" in something that doesn't exist (consequence-free burning of fossil fuels) except as a comfortable mental shield from real life, which is one purpose for religion. Your "belief" that everything is fine is not supported by the facts.

    Climate change may seem scary, different, socialist (?) or incomprehensible, or maybe just not what certain lobbying interests are saying in your political sphere, but every one of us has to man up and take a look at it. We can all contribute to the economic revolution, challenges and great opportunities of changing our energy sources from fossil fuels to renewables. There may be other changes we need, like better methods of agriculture, not cutting down forests and so on, but really this isn't impossible and it WON"T change your way of life.

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