• It undoubtedly is.

    First of all, as they ^ said, the planet is constantly going through cycles. Just because the government suddenly announces it is an issue, an issue that is our fault none the less, we are prepared to drop everything to back up this ridiculous theory.
    Secondly, this rather works in their favor, doesn't it? Raise the fuel prices, start an idiotic and rather unprecedented "fart tax" on cows, It is just a way to make a lot of money.
    And finally, this is just a way to turn our backs on real issues. We have a massive "garbage patch" in our ocean, and we are logging huge areas of our forests. The globe getting hotter by a couple of percentages in the next 100 years is the least of our problems.
    I am in intermediate school and I know this.

  • yes climate change is a scam

    Climate change is is a scam because the Earth goes through different cycles in the planetary cycle. In the 1960's people at the time were complaining about "Global Cooling" and people were thinking that another "Ice Age" was going to happen again, and the U.S tried to do anything they tried to, to help stop the cooling. In the Prehistoric times there were ages and eras were it was tropical and humid, and times were it was dry and hot, and times when it was cold and wet. So those places in time show that the Earth goes through a cycle through heating and cooling.

  • yes it is

    The climate change that we have today is just a cycle in the Earth's environment and the media and the government is just say that it is a threat so they could get money and founding by retards who are stupid enough to believe that from them and whoever believes this are just wasting their brain power that they don't have.

  • No, the climate is really changing.

    It is pretty well documented that the climate is changing at our current time in history. The only debate is whether people and their activities are a cause of that change. It seems to me to go without saying that our world is over-populated and our ways of doing things pollute the environment, so the real question is whether or not it has reached a stage where it has had major impact on our climate. If I put 100 goats in my backyard they will certainly make a mess of things in that yard, but how long can I leave them there before their impact extends beyond my own yard? I think the climate is telling us we better consider doing something about our "goats".

  • No, Climate Change is not a Scam

    Climate change, and global warming are a real threat to the world today. If we do not reduce our emissions, and try to halt the warming that is occurring right away we are going to lose the ability to be able to control the inevitable environmental cascade precipitated by our actions.

  • No.

    Climate change, in tandem with global warming is very much a real thing. It is very hard to go on the other side of this argument because the weather patterns provide enough proof of this. The seasons are becoming less and less unique from one another. We are seeing rising sea levels, higher temperatures, more devastating earthquakes. What can possibly be providing an argument that climate change is a bogus? The only people it may benefit is big corporations that do not want to admit they have effected in their own part to global warming.

  • Not At All

    No, climate change is not a scam. Per scientists, our summers are getting consistently hotter and dryer with drought conditions becoming the norm in many parts of the United States. Spring and fall seasons in the Midwest are becoming shorter as we get closer to having only two seasons – winter and summer. Tropical storms are increasing in severity and frequency and traveling further inland before dissipating. Perhaps the climate change ties in with the effects of global warming?

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