Is climate change chiefly human-caused: Are human-greenhouse gas emissions capable of causing global warming?

  • Yes humans are speeding it up

    Yes climate change is mainly being caused by humans. There would be climate change without humans but we are doing an excellent job of speeding it up. As we move to try to find different power sources that take a smaller effect on the planet hopefully we will be able to slow down global warming.

  • Human-greenhouse gas emissions are capable of causing global warming.

    It is clear that the recent climate change is cause by humans. Scientists have proven that man-made green house gases have been causing global warming and the extreme weather that has gone along with it. The world should act now to prevent further damage to our environment in the future.

  • Greenhouse Gases Can and Do Cause Global Warming

    By now, it should be apparent that human-caused greenhouse gases are almost solely responsible for global warming. Some amount of warming and cooling is natural for the Earth, but humans have escalated the warming to unseen levels in the past few decades. All of these problems are exclusively caused by humans.

  • Humans have played a part in the development of global warming

    It is possible what we have termed global warming is part of a large climate cycle which spans centuries but human created emissions have surely created a larger dip or increase in the effects of this cycle and should be taken into consideration. Humans have a huge impact on their environment and their actions or lack of action have far reaching consequences. If not the root cause then these emissions surely are a factor which makes these created conditions much harsher.

  • Yes greenhouse gasses from humans cause global warming.

    There are greenhouse gases that are not caused by humans, but we have been tracking these for quite sometime. They haven't caused a significant amount of global warming. However, the amount of greenhouse gases that humans have been producing have been climbing. The temperature change has been corresponding with the amount of greenhouse gases humans produce.

  • Yes, humans have a huge impact.

    I believe that the Earth is naturally rising in temperature. Without humans, the rise would be slow and most likely have very little impact on animals, plants, ice caps. Humans have had a huge impact over the years. We've done good and bad. Acid rain and smog were huge problems, but thanks to people changing their ways, those aren't huge factors as they once were (exception- China). As of now we still have changes to make. We still have to worry about the ice caps, the fast extinction of animals, the steady rise in temps. There's still a lot to change. We're not the only ones to blame, but we're a big part of that.

  • No, we could not make enough of them.

    No, human greenhouse gas emissions are not capable of causing global warming, because we could not possibly make enough greenhouse gases in order to cause global warming. The atmosphere is vast. Humans only occupy a minute portion of it. We could purposefully make as many emissions as we possibly could, and it still would not be enough to cause global warming.

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