Is climate change chiefly human-caused: Does the sun have little or no role in global warming?

  • Sun Not Part of Global Warming

    Over the course of a hundred years, the sun changes in relatively small ways. These changes don't impact Earth and global warming as much as people think. Climate change is almost exclusively humans' faults. We have released greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and started an alarming trend of warming on Earth.

  • Climate change is chiefly human-caused

    Climate change is chiefly human-caused. The sun has little or no role in global warming. This is because of the fact that many scientific studies have been placed on why the climate is warming. This is because of emissions by various vehicles and a result of the oil industry in general.

  • Yes it is mostly human caused

    Climate change is mostly being done by humans. I think there is a bit of chance that is affected by the sun and would happen no matter what we do on Earth but the majority of change is human caused. This included polluting the Earth and not caring enough about the environment.

  • The sun has little or no role in global warming.

    The sun has little or no role in global warming. The climate change that is going on is produced by humans. If humans were not polluting the environment with their greenhouse gases then this would not be an issue. Transportation is one of the major factors that play the role in climate change.

  • This question is ambiguous and poorly worded but I said NO because climate change is caused by us and sunlight does not vary enough.

    Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. The gases trap the heat from the sun and thus warm up the earth. The threat to our lives is a runaway greenhouse effect from putting gases in the air by burning coal and fuel. In two centuries we have almost doubled the greenhouse gases in the air. Venus is an example of runaway greenhouse effect, it is unlivable.

    The sun is the source of heat for the surface of our planet. The amount of heat varies so little that for practical argument it is the same amount of heat falling on us all the time. So the sun's role is as the source of the heat but not the cause of global warming. (This is why the question is poorly worded and ambiguous because without sunlight there is no global warming.) The sun shines steadily and varies 1 part in a thousand over its 11 year cycle, thus we get the same sunshine every day with no variation for all practical purposes. The Earth's orbit is nearly circular with less variation in orbit than the sun in heat output during this current part of the Milankovitch cycle.

    What then would cause the air to trap more sunlight? Greenhouse gasses trap heat. If the air becomes polluted with greenhouse gasses then the air will trap more of the sun's heat and keep the heat in rather than send the heat off into space at night. And as the air heats up then the water heats up and then the weather changes. And this is what we call climate change.

    Nature and the sun did not put those gasses in the air, we humans did. This is a simple puzzle to solve if you take some time, all the sources of heat and gas are measured and quantified and made available in the IPCC report for the world to read and understand.

  • Sun Warms Earth in the First Place!

    The sun is what already warms the Earth in the first place. The sun's rays cause the oceans to heat, wind to blow and it makes life bearable on our planet. Greenhouse gases complicate what the sun already does by trapping sunlight and heat in our planet. More cloud cover means heat doesn't radiate off into space as readily. The sun has everything to do with global warming, it's just that humans exacerbate the natural processes by pumping more carbon into the atmosphere.

  • No, climate change happens naturally.

    No, the sun does not have little or no role in global warming, because the earth warms and cools naturally, not based on what humans do. Humans only wish that they could control the universe! That is God's job. God made the universe, and humans are so small in comparison. Humans wish they ran the universe, but God does, and he causes global warming.

  • Climate change is a mix of many factors and the sun is biggest

    Let me start by saying that, global warming science is an ever evolving thing, and I know I don't have all the answers. The scientists that study it don't either. Climate change has so many components to it, that it's very difficult in determining the sole largest cause. On this particular topic of whether it is "CHIEFLY" human caused by humans, or whether the sun plays a bigger role, I have to think that the answer is the sun. The sun is the most powerful entity in our solar system. That is something I am absolutely sure of. Almost everything in nature runs in cycles, and the sun is no different. With so much raw power, radiation, and heat, even a small drop or spike in output would have dramatic effects on earth. Couple that with wind, rain, earthquake, volcanic activity, and human activity, and you have a very hard puzzle with many variables to solve to decide which has the most impact. At the end of the day though, my scientific and betting brain says to put my money on the sun!

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