Is climate change chiefly human-caused: Is the media fairly representing both sides of this debate (no) or is it biased (yes)?

  • Fox Versus CNN

    The media does represent the global warming debate fairly with detractors and supporters. Fox News does a good job of reporting on naysayers. CNN and MSNBC report on new findings. The media has balanced coverage of the debate, but science has proven global warming time and again. The media has reported the findings just fine. The findings are simply skewered towards human tampering of the atmosphere.

  • Media is never balanced

    Media represents it's own interests. For instance, MSNBC represents a more liberal slant while Fox News represents a more conservative slant. Climate change maybe caused by many different factors. Humans have some responsibility in climate change even if you base it on acid rain and pollution. The earth definitely goes through different climate changes over the ages.

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