Is climate change chiefly human-caused: Is there a clear warming trend that shows human finger-prints?

  • Climate change is chiefly human-caused.

    Climate change is chiefly human-caused. This has been proven to be the fact. If there was not humans then there would not be global warming. Everyday humans release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and thereby causing global warming. The biggest thing that is causing climate change is the cars and trucks on the highway.

  • Humans finger prints are everywhere

    While the earth does show trends of warming and cooling on it's own without any human intervention, and it is on a warming trend, humans have not helped and if anything, have increased the speed of the warm up. Humans constantly pollute the air, waters, and soil, leaving behind a mess that should not be on earth. The earth can not help but to react by killing off creatures that can't survive in the dirty environment, some of these changes contribute to faster warming.

  • Mainly by humans.

    Climate change is chiefly caused to human interaction and interference with the environment. This can be seen by the dramatic increase of green house gases in our atmosphere starting with the industrial age. However, it is a mistake to say that global warming causes on ly warm temperature. It can effect the climate in multiple ways.

  • Yes, climate change is human made.

    We should not be calling it global warming anymore and it is probably better to call it climate change because that reflects all the odd things that are happening. And of course it has human origins. We are sending out poisons into the air all the time and it is hard to believe how that could do nothing to the atmosphere and climate.

  • Look at the evidence

    All the evidence points towards anthropogenic global warming. Carbon dioxide, Methane and other green house gases are having unpredictable effects on the climate. The scientific research shows this now as fact, and that people are still denying it means they do not understand science or do not want to understand science. Either way not accepting that global warming is happening is a very dangerous position to hold.

  • The Ocean Shows How We Are Overheating the Earth

    Every year the oceans grow warmer. As oceanic conditions change, the coral reefs bleach and die, and hapless sea mammals fling themselves on our shores. Scientists have measured the steady rise in the temperature of the ocean depths. It is rising in lockstep with the industrialization of the less developed world. The oceans are sick, and it is humanity's fault. We must take action, for if the oceans die, we will all die.

  • We Suspect We Are Causing It

    I believe that we as humans, burning up fossil fuels, are indeed the cause for the recent climate changes that have been happening, however, there is not a trend that has human finger-prints on it, per say. The reason for this is our lack of knowledge. We obviously have not kept records the entire time we have been in existence and we don't know what happened before we were here either. Therefore it is difficult to point at the evidence of warming client and say 100% for sure, that it is us. It could very well just be the planet further it's process out of the last ice age.

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