Is climate change chiefly human-caused: Is there a consensus that global warming is chiefly human-caused?

  • Yes it is mainly from humans.

    Although the earth natural will change itself over time, humans have managed to speed up the process by making the earth more polluted then it can account for and process. With the trees being cut down as they are we are also loosing the only chance we have for the air to become clean again.

  • Global Warming human partially to blame

    I believe that humans have caused a part in the global warming process. I believe the natural oscillation in temperatures combined with the amount of pollutants we have put into the atmosphere has caused an overall warming of the earth. We need to continue to look at ways to reduce our pollution and help restore the balance.

  • The Majority Believe It Is

    I believe the majority of scientists studying global warming and climate change have pointed out that global warming is chiefly caused by humans. Since we have burned off fossil fuels at an advanced rate, released all the green house gases into the atmosphere. This is why the shift is so alarming because we do not know what the end result is.

  • There is evidence to support that climate change is human-caused.

    A recent study actually demonstrated that when compared to temperature changes over past 100 years to trends over the past 1,000 years, there was very little difference. When researchers broke the change down by decades, though, there was an alarming correlation between the rise in automobiles and industries and rise in temperature. In fact, most of the slight increase in temperature that had occurred over the past 100 years had occurred since the middle of the 20th century, which suggests that human consumption is a large contributor to climate change.

  • Science Supports Global Warming Argument

    Carbon levels in the Earth's atmosphere are at the highest levels in 650,000 years. The only thing that has changed in that time is that humans have invaded the Earth's surface. Choking the atmosphere is a combination of coal soot, car exhaust, jet exhaust, gaseous animal waste from protein production and all types of industrial waste. There can be no other conclusion--humans have caused global warming with an increase in carbon emissions from various sources.

  • Yes, global warming is mainly caused by humans.

    Yes, I think the damage humans are doing to the earth is causing it to get hotter. I think by cutting down all the forests, deforestation, and by burning fossil fuels is the main reasons of global warming. By burning fossil fuels, such as coal and gas such as petroleum is releasing CO2 into the atmosphere and trapping greenhouse gases. If you think about how our winters have became milder or even summer-like lately and the amount we pollute the atmosphere, global warming will continue to increase. Trees help to trap these CO2 gases but by cutting them down we, as humans, are only adding to the problem. This is also causing the ice at the poles to melt.

  • Humans are a factor in climate change but are not necessarily the cause of climate change

    The actions of humans have exacerbated the natural cyclic shift in temperature and created an unstable and unstudied effect on the current climate. While humans are responsible for the increase in green house gases this is just one factor which has created the problem of climate change.
    As long as there are arguments there will be different opinions and very rarely will there be any kind of consensus between the various opinion holders.

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