• Yes, it is

    Climate change will kill all life on earth. Stop denying it. We are causing it. If we do not fix it it will just get worse and worse. If we learn more about this problem we can fix it. People who deny global warming are a big problem because they do nothing to stop it.

  • Yes, i agree

    A catastrophe caused by climate change is seen as the biggest potential threat to the global economy in 2016, according to a survey of 750 experts conducted by the World Economic Forum. A failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation was seen as likely to have a bigger impact than the spread of weapons of mass destruction, water crises, mass involuntary migration and a severe energy price shock – the first time in the 11 years of the Global Risks report that the environment has been in first place.

  • Yes, we can not fix a problem if we don't address it

    Climate change and the decline in nature health is one of our biggest environmental problems and we refuse to address it. When we refuse to address this problem, we continue to feed it. Take ocean acidification for example- we continue to use products that emit CO2 and continue to pollute the air and acidify the ocean instead of finding a way to stop it.

  • There are much bigger threats

    I find it concerning that there are many people who don't believe in climate change even though there is overwhelming scientific evidence that the Earth is warming up catastrophically. This is undoubtedly the biggest threat to nature and the earth's ecosystems, and damage to these could threaten human civilisation.

    However, in the long term due to the earth's orbit round the sun we are due another ice age which would make Northern America and Eurasia uninhabitable, so carbon dioxide released by human activity could save the earth from an ice age.

    I think nuclear war is a much greater threat due to the fact it could cause radiation to spread across the planet, which could kill billions of people depending on the number of nukes involved.
    Super volcanoes are also a huge threat. The Yellowstone volcano is showing worrying signs of an imminent eruption and if it does erupt, it could wipe out most of the USA and cause an ash cloud to engulf the whole world blocking sunlight for decades, causing global anarchy.
    There could also be a plague, as viruses mutate so easily or there may even be biological warfare or a biological terrorist attack.
    Could also be a strong geomagnetic storm from the sun shutting all electrical power off and possibly even causing all electrical appliances to set on fire.
    This is unlikely but there may be an asteroid impact.

  • World War is the biggest threat

    The biggest threat to civilization now is the threat of world war and the existence of nuclear weapons that could destroy most of the world. Climate change is our biggest long-term threat, and one we need to fix. We have to make sure we're here to fix it first though.

  • It is the truth.

    The people who are the biggest advocates of climate change just want to control other people's behaviors. They want to ban fossil fuels, and with it, business. Ultimately, the people want socialism in the end. Climate change is not the end of life as we know it. Humans only wish they could control nature.

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