• Sea levels are rising and animals are dying, Polar caps are melting and weather is getting worse. Why? Because people are polluting the air.

    God Has nothing to do with this and he probably doesn't exist either. What? Its the Truth. We are doing this Until sheeple start waking up and stop being herded by lies, Superstition, Fabrications, And fake news. We are poisoning the earth. We are Toxin. WE MUST DO SOMETHING. #Australiaonfire

  • Dude look at old almanacs

    Regions are changing. There is more flooding, More record breaking cold and heat. Something isn't right.
    In the 100 years of recording the weather you can see that things are changing. Snow is gone in some areas.
    Some people saying that the earth fluctuates weather and it could mildly changing cycles.
    But this change is RAPID Change.
    In the few short decades that I live in my hometown I can see that winter no longer comes in the same time or duration. My summer was very hot and long.
    You won't be laughing when Texas enters a drought or turns into an arid desert. And the magnetic pole is also moving.

  • Yes, It is

    Climate change is causing glaciers and the north and south pole to melt. This causes sea levels to rise which will increase flooding. It will also cause the earth's weight to be less balanced, Increasing tectonic activity, Such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Higher temperatures means that more tropical storms will from, Since tropical storms need a minimum of 27 degrees C to form. It will also cause more unpredictable and strong weather, Causing some areas to flood and some to have droughts.

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  • Climate Change Destroying the Earth

    No, It isn't. The Earth ill continue to exist until it is destroyed by some other means. Now, Will climate change occur and make the Earth uninhabitable by humans? Very possible - but even then, Humans are a very adaptable species and may very well adapt to the changes that occur.

  • This is a sore subject that Democrats have supported long enough for the world to be destroyed roughly 10 times

    That's just an estimate, Based on what I know about AOC's claim/threat that the world will end in T minus 12 years. I don't make the case as well as others might (on either side), But I think Jimmy Carter used the same scare tactic to win the Presidency. Also, To a degree, I agree that earth isn't as beautiful of a place as satellites make it seem, But I think climate change had caused minimal damage. Air pollution, Water pollution, Nuking our enemies and a bunch of things that I don't feel like naming causes the world to get a little worse. Climate change, However is a minor problem that politicians inflate to tap into your fear. Glaciers move about an inch per year, And you don't really see much of a difference in everyday life. I live in Texas, And understand heat pretty well. The irony is in the past few years, Our Winters (not necessarily back to back) have dropped drastically. Does this mean Texans are gonna freeze? Or if the temperature in New York goes up, New Yorkers are gonna burn? No. This is just nature doing its job. I promise that you won't see the world burning because of California wildfires (or any other climate change factors. )

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