Is climate change man-made(no) or natural (yes)?

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  • It isn't our fault

    Climate change has been around forever slowly progressing over time, but we have just increased its progress slightly. Also who cares, like if a few habitats are destroyed, not our problem. There was a article made by a German scientist, I forget who wrote it, but it explains a lot of how climate change is caused, and things like that.

  • Climate change is natural

    And has been around for millions of years now. Look at the past, there has been an Ice Age, and at least five of them. The last one froze all of the northern hemisphere, and theres no way you could blame humans at that time. Now look way before life even existed, the moon was closer to Earth than in the past. This cause massive tides and surges of hurricanes or typhoon. Also there were waves of powerful volcanoes erupting simultaneously, which increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. In the late Cretaceous period, a giant meteorite (believed to be made of Iron-Nickel) hit Earth, the impact created a dust cloud which covered the whole atmosphere and blocked sunlight. Many plants died which effect the whole food chain.

    TO conclude, climate change is really a natural thing. But humans are acting as catalyst too. Look at the industrial revolution, CO2 emission increased significantly.

  • It pretty much is our fault but,

    Well first off is the opposition stating that we as a human race are not natural? The only thing dividing us from animals was, and still is, the ability to manipulate fire first off. And back to my original statement, the environment changing is natural, I think that it is simply killing us off so it will stop. It is natural but it is man made

  • It is completely man's fault

    Even though the earth may be moving closer to Earth, we are causing the bigger problem. If the Earth had not been polluted so much, the change in climate would not have been so fast. We would have hardly been able to see such a big difference! Humanity and animals will one day, not be able to keep up with the rapid change.

  • The co2 we are releasing is having a significant effect

    The mechanism by which it happens is easy to understand. It's accepted by most scientists. I don't see any reason not to believe it. Some people just don't want it to be true. The real question is what we should do about it. Personally I'm a big fan of nuclear power.

  • I wish there was a nuetral answer

    My answer is "I don't know", because I am not a scientist. I do not have the credentials to give an opinion on something that should not be opinion based.

    The entire reason this is even up for debate is because multi-national corporations want the right to abuse and pollute enviroments at their choosing, and anyone who attempts to dispute the factual findings of actual scientists based on their own 'belief' is nothing more than a mouthpiece for such corporations. Because with the acknowledgment that we are causeing irreversible undue harm to the environment (see the article about how in 300 years 75% of the world's species will be extinct) comes policies making sure we have an environment down the road. Since rich people (see the kochtapus) figure they will be dead by then anyway, they think it is better to destroy the world for their profits than it is to preserve it for future generations. Please feel free and follow the lobbying efforts of a lot of these harmful buisnesses and you may find yourself second-guessing this issue. At least if you want your kids to live in a decent world where they aren't literally choking on the air they need to breathe, (please see the effects of environmental deregulation in China.)

  • It's mans fault

    Climate change or global warming is caused by the green house effect which is caused carbon dioxide emissions from human factory's, cars, etc. the effect is when the carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere trapping heat from the sun in and not letting it escape. I do believe it is some of natures fault but for the most part it was us the humans.

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