• Yes to an extent.

    I do not think that climate change is solely on us as people, but I do think we have played a major role in it. Climate change is happening because we do not respect the earth and keep destroying it to build more and more things we do not really need.

  • Yes climate change is our fault.

    Although the Earth goes through many phases where it changes throughout time, we have helped pushed climate change into an extreme with all the carbon dioxide we are releasing as well as the pollution we are pumping into the air. The more that we continue to add pollution the more the climate will change to try and become accustom to it.

  • Partially our fault.

    While it's undeniable that some of the phenomenon we call climate change is just part of the natural weather cycle of the planet, it's also just as indisputable that we have accelerated those changes. We've polluted this planet, and now it's up to us to accept the damage we've done and work to reverse it as much as possible.

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