Is climate change responsible for 'frankenstorm' Hurricane Sandy?

  • Yes

    Scientists have been predicting that climate change would lead to worse storms, and we have gotten some bad ones recently; Sandy being the latest. Whether or not humans caused the climate change is a secondary issue compared to how we're going to live in a world where these kinds of storms happen. That's what we really need to figure out.

  • Storms are "Climate Change", but that's not Science and it's not an Opinion.

    Niether 'Climate Change' nor 'Hurricane Sandy' are science nor are they oppinions. They are facts. Climate changes from Summer to Fall, Winter and Spring and Hurricanes are factual events we experience and record. The more important question which is what science would try to answer regarding Climate Change is; "Is Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy the result of Anthropomorphic Climate Change" (Global Warming)? Notice how Climate Change is now substituted for 'Global Warming' which is automatically considered Anthropomorphic Global Warming (man caused global warming) in people's mind? It's like some sort of Jedi Mind Trick. Just keep changing the name of something until it becomes accepted as scientific fact, even though Global Warming promoters like Michael Mann fabricate hocky stick graphs, lie about and destroy data so no one can check how they came up with their numbers. "I'll delete every file before I let anyone have it." Climate Change? So if you are so sure and 99.99999% of all scientists believe in AGW, and governments them support the findings of AGWers, why lie about it? Why make up data? Hmmmm. Oh yeah and then Michael Mann puts that he was a Nobel Laureate on his bio. No he wasn't!

  • No, there is evidence of massive storms throughout history.

    The earth seems to go through cycles of extreme weather over long periods of time. People's recordings of these events do not go back far enough to show exactly how these cycles work, but it can be known with a fair certainty that they can produce incredible natural disasters at there extremes. If we could a longer view of weather cycles, then we could determine if extreme storms are becoming worse or more frequent and if that may be a result of climate change.


    I do not think climate change is responsible for the hurricane, but the other way around. The hurricane is responsible for the climate change! Ever since this hurricane started coming our way, the climates have drastically changed. It's attacking east coast, but its gotten cooler all around America. It will be effecting everyone in America, so I hope we are all prepared.

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