• " Is climate change something we need to take seriously? "

    We should take climate change seriously because of the climate many homes around the world are being destroyed. It isn't just people's homes that are being destroyed it is also animal's habitats. It is also very hard for an animal to find a good protectant home that will not get destroyed.

  • I say Yes.

    I say yes because climate change can hurt animals or even kill them. The climate change can hurt or kill animals because the animal or animals are not used to their home being too hot or too cold or not hot enough or not cold enough. And since the animals are not used to it and they die or get really sick.

  • The world is warming up

    As we burn our worlds natural resources, all those greenhouse gasses are trapped in the atmosphere, atmospheric gases that sustain life are thickening and trapping more heat and possibly permanently changing are world. The 0.6 degree change we have experienced have already killed 150,000 people each year. Glaciers and permafrost are disappearing causing sea levels to rise dramatically, could be causing the destruction of habitats and species that are going endangered, such as polar bears. This is something I strongly believe we should take seriously and act now.

  • Yes, climate change is something we need to take seriously.

    Yes, climate change is something we need to take seriously because it has the potential to destroy our planet if we do not do anything to correct man's influence on the environment. It must be the number one issue that we all work together to fix. Our future depends on it.

  • Yes, it is real.

    Climate change is a reality and its effects have started biting, snow in the North pole is melting very fast due to high temperatures, oceans levels are rising and forests are disappearing very fast. International bodies such as the UN should come up with measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.

  • Yes, we need to take this seriously.

    Climate change is something that we need--we must take seriously. Climate change is responsible for a greater number of severe weather outbreaks, more severe weather patters (droughts and floods) and continued disruptions in global farming. If we do not act to combat the effects of climate change, the world will experience more violent and devastating climate.

  • It is the next thing.

    In the 1980s, school children were warned about pollution. We also hid under our desks in order to practice running from a nuclear attack. Today, there are other problems they scare school children with like climate change and fair trade chocolate. In the end, none of these things have destroyed the planet.

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