Is climate change the greatest threat to Humanity in the short term (25-75 years out)?

  • Yes yes yes

    In just 50 years the sea levels will rise by 32 cm. This may not seem like a lot but would ruin tens of thousands of miles of coastline around the world. At just 5 metres higher, most of Bangladesh Eastern China and the southern tip of Florida will be gone. This will make billions homeless, meaning action must be taken. This only includes the factors of the sea level, not even mentioning temperature rise, mass extinction or famine. We are already seeing the effects of this already, and this is nothing compared to what will come in the next 50 years! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!

  • Most major problems are either directly are indirectly linked to climate change

    I'm mostly just curious to see what all of you have to say, but I'll list a few reasons why I am voting yes.

    Scarcity of resources, too large of a population, and hazardous developing economies, among other things, are all massive issues facing the world that are pushing the issue of climate change farther into the danger zone.

    China is trying to slow its emissions, but it is very questionable how much they are actually trying and/or succeeding. Only a few years ago India and China teamed up to tell the UN that developing economies should have the right to pollute as much as they want. Recently, India has refused to announce any plan for reducing emissions in the next ten to twenty years.

    Ever increasing populations in South Asia, namely India, the Middle East, Africa, and South America will put strain on consumption of resources, namely food, which might become significantly harder to produce if climate change continues.

    Additionally, the already troubling scarcity of resources is causing the development giant of China to reach outside its borders into the South China Sea (yes, I know they say this is theirs, whatever) to claim oil as well as Africa for other resources. If there are not enough resources within China to maintain its growth, what about India? What about a future with a rapidly developing Africa or South America?

    Just want to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks, everyone!

  • I think allowing Iran to amass a weapon which can do millions more damage than climate change, in a split second is of greater concern.

    It seems to me foolish and delusional that so many people focus on the threats of climate change without properly considering and asssessing the incredibly tangible and looming threat of Iran. While we bewail the potential implications of climate change (which must be addressed, albeit in a reasonable manner), we are justifying the nuclear program of a country that has in the past, been clear in its commitment to destroy its neighbours.

  • In the short-term, no but yes in the long term.

    I believe the greatest short-term threat to humanity will be either Peak-Oil or a global fiat currency collapse (i.E. The greatest threat to humanity is humanity). Climate change, however, has the potential to cause a global food or water crisis however in the short term. The effect of peak-oil on global food production however, would be far more catastrophic than a large scale drought. This is because modern agriculture relies on oil for all aspects of food production. Unlimited oil/energy would compensate for a great deal of climate change problems. Alas, petrochemicals are non-renewable. What I do predict is then when Peak-Oil occurs in the next 5 years, there will be a mad scramble to obtain oil from environmentally damaging/dirty sources, thus exacerbating climate change problems.

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