• In some cases it is.

    While in most cases, the capture of rare sea animals is linked to improvements in deep sea technology there have been instances where rare animals have been pushed off course and into the hands of humans by the force of climate change. An example would be turtles changing course because they detect warmer sea levels than are typical at this particular time of year.

  • Rare sea naimals are changing their habitats and migratory patterns due to climate change, resulting in their capture.

    2014 was the hottest recorded year in history since records started. This climate change effects animals, both terrestrial and marine. With the changing climate and sea temperatures, sea creatures that formerly remained in secret locations have now moved to areas where their capture is done by trawlers and other vessels.

  • What? No, how even!

    The two don't relate at all, if we capture an animal it doesn't affect the climate! How would it? This is stupid! Also you put read more and linked to something about sharks getting captured, but not to something tying that to climate change. An animal moving places making the world more hot or more cold overall just doesn't logically follow.

  • This is complete bologna.

    Climate change is tied to too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is that simple. Species go extinct everyday, our planet is a dynamic system that works within a very limited range between life and death. For some species like Pandas, they simply need to go extinct. Some animals' time has just passed. This idea sounds like someone trying to pad their budget for animal preservation, which is a bad idea on its face.

  • Present In Numbers Too Small To Be Concerning

    "Rare" sea animals are, by definition, present in numbers too small to drastically affect ocean conditions; let alone the climate of the entire planet. Although there are species which contribute to the stability of their environment, a few seldom seen individual animals could not have this effect. The worlds climate does not hinge on the existence of a handful of rare creatures.

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