Is climate change Washington's biggest challenge?

  • Yes, but it will only be given lip service.

    Governments tend to deal on a crisis management level and shuffle aside the really big problems that face our survival in the long run. So the simple fact that there was a mass shooting is getting much attention while our climate continues to tell us it needs attention also. It is easier to address the problems about gun violence, less easy to address the idea that our whole way of life is a threat to us.

  • No, other issues are more important.

    At this time the economy is probably the most important challenge facing Washington. It is vital for the economic health of the country that we solve the issues of a stagnant economy and unemployment. If we do not soon find solutions to these issues we will find that our society is becoming more chaotic and violent.

  • Climate Change Is Not Their Biggest Challenge

    Climate change is a big challenge in Washington but it is far from their biggest. The biggest challenge facing Washington right now is the economy. It is terrible right now and everyone knows it. The country is deep in debt and we need to find a way out of it as soon as possible.

  • No, there are much larger challenges.

    Though climate change is indeed a difficult problem in our national discourse, the United States faces much more immediate problems than carbon emissions. Our nation is currently suffering a crippling economy coupled with rampant unemployment and debt on a citizen-by-citizen and institutional level. These problems have to be solved before we can even begin to create a solution to the climate change problem.

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