• No she isn't to blame

    Clinton has been hounded by the opposition for many years. Anything political opponents can try to blame her for, they will. Unfortunately, political unrest sometimes costs innocent lives. Although the government can take precautions to protect diplomats and other government officials, there are no guaranteed protections when you are posted in an unsettled country.

  • Clinton is partially to blame for the US deaths in Libya

    While Hillary Clinton is not Clinton is not completely to blame for the US deaths in Libya, she does bear a significant amount of responsibility. Responsibility which she is not accepting, but rather deflecting. This is troubling coming from the one person and agency that is directed to oversee the safety of U.S. Officials abroad.

  • Clinton Is Not At Fault For Libya

    At the time of the attacks, Hilary Clinton was secretary of state. She has publicly taken ownership of blame for the terrorist attack that occured in Benghazi, Libya. The only reason she feels she needs to take responsibility is because of the position she held at the time of the incident. She couldn't have been responsible because she didn't have anything to do with any decisions involving security in Benghazi.

  • No, Hillary Clinton is not to blame for the US deaths in Libya.

    No, Hillary Clinton is not to blame for the US deaths in Libya because i believe that her role has been blown out of proportion by her Republican adversaries. Hillary Clinton is currently the front runner of the presidential race and her enemies are trying to slight her credibility to ensure that she loses the general election.

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