Is Clinton's popular vote lead of 2.5 million a proof that the electoral college system is broken?

  • Yes, it is.

    The electoral college was designed to protect people from a tyrant. But the majority of people do not have faith in the new president elect, and this is cause for concern. There is something wrong when the president elect loses the election by such a wide margin, and things need to change.

  • The electoral college is necessary

    If we chose our President through popular vote, or majority rule, the candidates would focus all of their attention on the states and cities that are most populated. This would present a problem because the needs of those in the most populated areas may be vastly different from those in say a small town or a small state. It gives a chance for all states and all needs to be heard. It decentralizes control over the election in order to prevent the bare majority to tyrannize the country. Our founding Fathers had no intention of majority rule democracy because pure democracies do not work- they implode. Each state has two senators, but the number of representatives in each is based purely on population. The number of senators and representatives combined equals how many electoral votes that state counts for. When you vote for the president you are actually voting for the electors in your state. This makes every state, therefore every voter important. It gives each state, even the small states, a voice. That’s why it is so important for eligible voters to vote. Over 90 million voters did not vote in this election, can you imagine how differently it may have turned out had everyone eligible voted?

  • The electoral college system is not broken.

    The electoral college system is not broken. It was established to ensure that people from all demographics, socioeconomic statuses, and locations are represented. Even though Clinton's popular vote won, if she did not win the electoral college then she should not win. This would apply regardless of who won the popular vote. The electoral college system is still going strong and should be maintained.

  • No, Clinton's popular vote lead of 2.5 million is not proof that the electoral college system is broken

    No, Clinton's popular vote lead of 2.5 million is not proof that the electoral college system is broken. The electoral college system has not yet played out in this election. It is yet to be seen whether the electors will vote their conscience in an intelligent way, as the system was originally conceived. If they do, then the system is perfect. Really the lead in popular vote seems to be more a case of questionable ethics and voter tampering.

  • It's proof that it works.

    Without the electoral college, the candidates would only go to the cities. They would give large hand outs to non-working people in the cities, while people in the country who work very hard would be left to pay the tax bill. It's important that we have the electoral college to make sure that the small states have their say.

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