Is cloning ethically and scientifically acceptable? From medical and ethical views.

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  • Cloning should be leagal

    Say your child dies in a car crash and you have only one Sample of blood left there for you can recreate a human with needing to have colitis this is my idea of why human cloning should be legal and this is only my opinion if you disagree I disagree

  • Cloning should be legal

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  • Immoral not to.

    I would imagine that most people have lost someone close to them. In most cases, they probably grew up and had lives of their own before they died but in many cases it is a newborn that dies. Cloning would provide a second chance for that baby to be born.

    There are also many couples who would make great parents but due to circumstances beyond their control, they are unable to conceive a child. To me it is unfair that many unfit parents are allowed to have as many kids as they choose yet some very fit parents are denied to have genetic kids of their own. In the future, this could even allow homosexual couples the option to have genetic offspring.

    For the most part, the main opposition is from a religious point of view. "Playing god." tends to be their argument. I feel the reason they are opposed is because if it was successful, it would show that mankind can do what is claimed only their god can.

    Morality is basically survival of a species. This is why most moral codes have so much to do with keeping our own genetic offspring alive. We don't want others killing our offspring so murder is wrong. We don't want to raise a child that is not our own so adultery is wrong. etc. If survival of a species is important to morality, anything that would ensure survival of our species would be moral and to oppose it would be immoral.

    As we know, the process has been a success in other mammals, i.E., sheep. That being known, it is logical that it would also be successful in humans. This had lead to the statement "It is not about if it can be done but should it be done." To this, I say that it is inevitable as some day it will be done. It may have been done already. No matter how much control people feel they have, there are always those who defy it.

  • Make sure the clones have rights first.

    If we do cloning, then in order for it to be both ethically and scientifically correct, we need to treat those clones as a human being, with full rights and responsibilities. We can't let clones become spare parts stores for the wealthy, or otherwise treat them differently. They are all human.

  • Cloning Advances Medical Science

    From a scientific standpoint, cloning is part of medical advances and science. Just like nuclear power is an offshoot of the Manhattan Project, human cloning is on the way as a sidebar to Dolly the cloned sheep. We can already clone human embryos, so the next step is to bring these clones to term and see what happens.

  • Yes of course

    It is anything that's of help to mankind especially in medical science has to be a bonus ,some people insist on coming up with the worst case scenario to try and make a case against cloning , yet would be delighted to accept some if it's innovations if it saved a family member. I look forward to seeing what advances are made in the future with cloning technology

  • Cloning can be used to make artificial organs to save many lives and also help preserve many endangered species with enough research in the future.

    Cloning has the potential to help society with many things including disease and the loss of many endangered species. If researched under strict giudelines I don't believe it to be wrong but instead helpful. However, I do think that the use of cloniung for wrong purposes such as creating new species or trying to perfect the human ethically wrong.

  • No this is foolish

    The only thing that sounds good is the cloning of tissue and organs. The cloning of living things is 'play with god' it is immoral and we must consider the results of this? Do you want to risk the bad that will surely follow? And to make matters worse there is talk of cloning a mammoth this just stupid this will be a disaster the world got rid of this species for a reason the result for human population growth and survival could be disastrous! We know nothing about these creatures how do we know that what we know about these creatures is false? The draw backs on human advancement could be even more disastrous the very idea of cloning is ludicrous and the possible bad things to come off it are to many and high to risk our species??

  • Don't try and be god

    What you're trying to do with cloning is create life using means other than that which was ordained by natural processes. It is clearly unethical because we must initially consider why we are cloning in the first place. If it were to replace living peoples' damaged organs, a new person would grow up having only been brought up for the purpose of being a scientific experiment which will later be used as an object by someone else. If you create a clone, do they not have the same rights as the original?

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think that cloning is ethically or scientifically responsible. First, the world is already over populated, and we do not need a bunch of clones taking up space. Second, it would be very confusing because people might confuse a clone with the original person. It is just not a good idea.

  • Nothing about cloning is acceptable

    No, cloning is not medically, morally, or ethically acceptable. Even if it is to help the cloned human, it is not fair to create another human to harvest part for another. Let nature take its course, it becomes not unethical, but dangerous when human attempt to control life. In the end why would want a clone, even though everything is the same in the cloned product, they will never be the original.

  • No not really.

    I do not find cloning to be ethically and scientifically acceptable. It is hard to say one way or the other because if we started cloning we will have perfect matches for any organs we need during an emergency, but it just seems wrong. The clone will have feelings too.

  • It is bad

    The first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell and how she is the world’s most famous clone. It then goes on to talk about how dolly was cloned. It mentions how it took 277 attempts. Then It says about what happened to dolly and how she lived a pampered life at the roslin institute. It also talks about how she was killed at the age of

  • Its not normal

    Scientists need the stop messing around with society and just leave us alone so that the world can just be a better place. I find it stupid and insulting that are government is funding this pointless stuff like cloning. We should just be more focused on better schools and health care not sticking needles into one person after another just the clone things for fun.

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