• We're playing God.

    Cloning people or animals would be like playing God, creating things as we wish. And it's very important to remember that the clones are living, breathing things like us, with feelings and emotions and a fully functional mind. Cloning someone just for the sake of scientific research, even, would be wrong because the clone would have to live out its existence, and we'd have created something that shouldn't be existing. Now, cloning CELLS on the other hand, let's say stem cells for the treatment of illnesses, is a different thing.

  • Yes! It is!

    A clone isn't any different than any other person. A clone is basically like an identical twin, you have the same DNA but you are not the same person. I personally don't see why we would need clones, (except in the pursuit of science of course) and creating clones takes a lot of resources. The success rate is 0.1%- 3%, and even then, clones usually die very young, they just deteriorate.

  • Cloning is wrong!

    Cloning is using science to copy someone’s DNA to make an exact replica of the person. However, clones have no memories and they possibly have no emotion. Many believe this is right, many believe this is wrong. I believe that there are several things that can go wrong with this. Like everything, for example.
    First of all, do clones have emotions? If they do, then they will feel left out after people treat them as an experiment and not a person with feelings. This will cause more discrimination and everyone knows about the problems with discrimination.
    Secondly, when people start cloning humans, it can only mean one thing; warfare. Clones fight clones until one country can’t clone quickly enough. But this will cause wars for go for a longer amount of time and, if the clones land in the country they hope to attack, the huge numbers of clones they will have been able to create will easily overwhelm the world’s cities, destroying everything in their path.
    Also, we can control a clones DNA, but what about the mind, do we make their decisions, or could they become self-aware? Or, being human, will they already be self aware? If clones realise that we are ruling over them they may object, rise up and take over. They may learn to clone each other and then we wouldn’t stand a chance against their numbers.
    For one thing, the first successful clone was a sheep named Dolly, however it took over 250 attempts to get this right and even then Dolly didn’t live for as long as a normal sheep. Also, the other 250 came out deformed or missing a limb, having to be shot or put down. That’s fine with a sheep, but not with a human.
    Also, everyone is unique, has the right to be unique and always will be unique. Unless of course there are five exact replicas of you. What if they take your life? Not as in killing you, but as in, living your life. Or what if a clone of you committed a crime, but you were arrested for it? Identity crises could come from cloning.
    Another issue is overpopulation. There are already seven billion people on this earth. What if we clone? Then there will be far too many. Food production won’t be high enough, and we’ll have to build more houses, which could cause habitat destruction.
    Another problem that we already have is that many children are orphaned and awaiting adoption. If we take clones over those poor children, they’ll never get a family. What need have we of clones when we could adopt a child who also wants a family?

  • Playing In Gods Yard

    We want nothing more then to be those with power. To be gods to be able to live for ever and do as we please. Were playing in Gods yard playing with his tools and misusing them as he turns an eye as our world slowly becomes the heaven he never intended. Why do we want this power is what I wish to know. When we as humans can make babies naturally the way nature has intended for us.

    After we are able to create life from scratch or make another copy of a person what will stop science from making people immortal and to be cursed with this "gift."

  • Are we God!?

    Let's take it back to the basics... What does cloning define? Cloning means the creating an biologically identical origanism from a biological unique one... To successfully clone a human one would have to copy (perfectly) the original Zygote, and make sure it survives past birth and on to Adulthood...
    So in essence what we are doing is playing God, taking the power he gave us to "be fruitful and multiply" and morphing it into something sick and twisted,like something from a science fiction movie... Why is it that over the ages humans have developed this mind set of, "just because I am at the top of the food chain I can do what I please with my knowledge either good or bad as long as it benefits me...." We have become bullies in everything we are involved and interested in... Cloning again being an excellent example of this.

    Further more by cloning we take away the right of the individual the right to think for ourselves and make our own choices... Because by cloning we basically agree with societies view of "if you don't look like the rest and think like the rest you are an out cast and don't deserve recognition..."Look at teen suicide rates and bullying that should tell you what is wrong with that idea... So if that were true then many scientist don't deserve recognition since smart isn't always cool...

    I have heard argument that cloning could help us find cures for diseases that people are suffering from all over the world... So what you are telling me it's okay to create a human guinea pig, just cause you say so? Just as you want to use cloning to cure diseases to relieve pain for the worlds people, does that clone also not have the right ,human right, to live free of the pain that would cause. If you believe in the "one must suffer for the masses to live" philosophy then why not give yourself up as an offering... Rather than taking the both easy and very wrong excape goat...

  • Human Cloning Wrong

    For various reasons, cloning human beings is wrong and unethical. We shouldn't even open that pandora's box by cloning even a single huma. Doing so would result in far too many consequences that we aren't necessarily ready to handle. For that reason, cloning anything but animals is a bad idea.

  • Cloning humans is wrong.

    Cloning humans is wrong. There will be nothing good that would come from being able to clone humans. We are not God so why should we even be attempting to do this? We do not know what kind of consequences we are going to have from even attempting to do this.

  • Cloning humans is wrong.

    It is unnatural to clone humans. There is only one version of any particular person, and it would not be natural to play god by creating clones. Although some cloning techniques might be beneficial for health care purposes, the creation of living clones is too strange for people to handle.

  • Think About It

    I have done research on cloning, and I found out some very terrible things. Did you know that in Europe, when a woman delivers her baby, that baby is a victim of cloning. The people at the hospital doesn't ask the parents for permission, and they don't even know what is going on. So somewhere out there there is people cloning babies and other things like animals. I personally think that it is just wrong!!!

  • I'm not God

    I personally do not want to play God. Psalms 139:13-16 talks about how God made us in the image of him and the mystery behind it. If He wanted us to know how the mystery works then He would have given us that knowledge and cloning would not be it.

  • Not in itself, but large potential for misuse

    In itself, cloning humans is not 'wrong', per se. The clone would by definition be an entirely new person, totally independent of and unique compared to the original. As long as this is recognized, and the clone given full human rights independent of those of the original, there is no ethical problem. I can't really see any practical use for full-human cloning that abides by those standards, though, it must be said. For example, cloning someone to use as a portable organ bank is hideously unethical and a total violation of basic human rights. But in itself, human cloning is not wrong.

  • Cloning humans is not wrong.

    Cloning humans should be a great thing to do because everyone who has always wanted a twin now gets one. For example I have always wanted a twin and it would great if you couldn't be at two places at ones and boom now you can. I strongly support cloning humans.

  • Don't play God

    There's an old adage about humans not playing God, and that's exactly what cloning is. There are no benefits to cloning whole humans, or animals for that matter, other than the egotistical boast that proves how much smarter humans are than the divine. One should tread lightly with this sort of technology.

  • We could learn so much.

    If we are to further our understanding of ourselves, what better way than to attempt to clone ourselves? Think of what we could learn! If successful, the clones will be treated as human. They may share a face, but they would not share a mind. Also wouldn't it be cool?

  • It would be an interesting event and experience

    All my life, I've wanted a twin I can blame stuff on, and with cloning, I could make two of myself. Then I would never be in trouble again! How could you not like the idea of cloning? Yes, it's true it could over populate the world, but the idea and fun that comes along with it sounds really fun and awesome. I think it would be an amazing and interesting thing to do. You should really think it over if you don't know or if you think human cloning is wrong. Anyway, this would be a HUGE accomplishment.

  • Experience makes a person

    Experiences make a person - not necessarily the same genetics; this is easily seen in so many instances of parents being so different from their children. Cloning is simply another medical technique which, with the proper oversight and consent on all parts, can have great benefits for humans in the near future.

  • Cloning of Humans is Fine

    I don't believe that cloning of human is wrong. In my eyes, cloning a person is akin to making a human the old fashioned way. Though a clone may have the same genetic material from the donor, identical twins also share the same genes. Also, though making a clone is considered artificial, it really is no different from what happens in nature with asexual organisms.

  • Once Safety is guaranteed there's no problem.

    It's just another form of reproduction like IVF. However, before it's ever approved scientists should prove its safety. Start experimenting on chimps first and get it so there aren't any cloning-related problems like what happened with Dolly. Cloning in and of itself is not wrong but like any new medical technology it's necessary to guarantee safety before we start using it.

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