Is cloning in humans a beneficial development for our society?

Asked by: Rumaisa.Sheikh
  • Yes, ethnics suck.

    Clones would be great. If we clone people, we could harvest their organs for science and to replace diseased or missing ones from patients. We could clone scientists and advance ourselves further. We could clone extinct animals, clone people for dangerous jobs or experiments, hard labor, or for just sheer amusement. It's not against gods will because he doesn't exist and I'm pretty sure god never said "Thou shall not clone thy neighbors".

  • It is awsome

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  • Yes, cloning in humans is a beneficial development for our society.

    Yes, cloning in humans is a beneficial development for our society. Human cloning would be beneficial in allowing us to find out more about how DNA works and in finding cures for diseases and birth defects. Cloning could also be beneficial in healing people with spinal cord and burn injuries.

  • Human Cloning Can Solve Many Health Problems

    Human cloning can solve many health problems facing humanity today. What if you are injured and your spinal cord is broken? Nerve cells don't grow back. Cloning can help create spinal cord cells to regain mobility. How about a heart transplant for a congenital heart defect? Cloning can create an organ so you won't need to take anti-rejection medicine for the rest of your life. Human cloning can save many lives and extend lives for decades once the applied science behind cloning is perfected.

  • Yes absolutely, the Pros outweighs the Cons

    This is a very sensitive topic. But as a biotechnology graduate. I believe I can definitely relate to topic in hand. Cloning has it's advantages and disadvantages. But if we examine both and look at risk versus reward. Cloning will definitely pass. I will provide the arguments for and against.


    A. Reproduction: Many people are infertile and cannot have the opportunity to raise children. These people have their right to have their own kids. When all possible treatment fails, cloning could be the only way out.

    B. Death: If parents lost their child due to any cause, they have the chance to "revive" him using human cloning. A possibility that was a science fiction not so long ago. Many parents who lost a child would definitely opt for human cloning and would clone their lost ones and get over their grieve.

    C. Diseased infants: If parents in prenatal diagnosis found out that their child will be born severely diseased and would not live long. Correction of the genome of the child and cloning him back to be reproduced a healthy living child, instead of a child that would not live long and would just cause the family pain and grief.

    D. Reviving old brilliances: Who would miss a chance to revive Albert Einstein? Or Abraham Lincoln? If we can revive these geniuses and give them another life with these advance technologies, imagine what scientific breakthroughs they would discover? This point is debatable of course, but if it was found to be futile, then it should be banned. Also we can revive the Neanderthals which were from the human tree. This will give us a huge insight to our evolutionary road.

    E. Science: It will definitely be advantageous to science to be able to clone. Imagine how many diseases would cease to exist because of human cloning. How many scientific breakthroughs would occur and how advanced would we be?


    A. Overpopulation: This would definitely be a serious concern, who would want to die? Everybody would be cloning themselves over and over again.

    B. Ethical: What is this clone relationship to you? Is he your brother, your father, your son or is he simply You. It will create a new sort of relation called your clone. The other ethical problem would be, how would you treat your clone? Would you make it a slave as if you own it? Would you kill the clone to save your life if you needed a heart or a kidney? Maybe a movie like " The island" will become real and corporates will benefit deeply from it.

    C. Unhealthy clones: This is due to the infancy of the science, so it's not much of a disadvantage. Right now cloning is very unstable and produces lots of diseased individuals but hope science will get over it. So this is not con due to the limit of science

    Conclusion: Definitely would be an interesting period and I definitely want to see how cloning humans would become.

  • It is not

    1. No particular individuality
    2. It may lead to destruction
    3. It is an ethical issue
    4.It can lead to religious riots
    5. It is an expensive process which can lead to the societal disputes
    6. Greater would be the rate of unemployment
    7.It is somewhat abhor-renting laws of nature
    8. Irrelevant.

  • No way. Sounds crazy.

    Who actually wants little copies of themselves. Not me. God made us all for a reason and there is a reason we aren't all identical. Human cloning is wack and for sure shouldn't be done ever. This is crazy and i hope you all see that. Don't get your minds clouded.

  • Not worth it

    I think that there are some beneficial things that can come out of cloning human beings, but in the end I do not think it is good to play God. I think that cloning human beings can potentially bring about negative and dangerous things. I just don't think it is worth the risk.

  • Cloning in humans is not a beneficial development for our society.

    Cloning humans is unnatural and not only is it not beneficial for our society, but it is just plain wrong. It is not respectful to the dignity of human life for scientists to play god by crating cloned copies of living human beings. Cloning should be outlawed and its development should not be pursued.

  • No, there are enough humans.

    No, cloning humans in not beneficial for our society, because it comes too close to playing God. There is no reason to have a clone of a human, because the clone will be subservient to the original. They will also be unfairly subject to scientific experiments and testing. It would be creating a new, negative class of people.

  • No, it is not.

    That's because it actually takes out all the innovation from our society. It's not the will of God. It may take out all the ugly from the world and may bring only the intelligent ones in the world but it won't be right to see just the same kind of people every where. Talking about society, if scientists start making clones of Albert Einstein, and you find your teacher a clone of Einstein, your brother comes out to be the same, your neighbour comes out to be the same. Well all Einsteins would be a perfect match for science but who'll handle bussiness and politics if every parent wants their kid to be Einstein. Einstein's science formulas would definitely not help in bussiness or in running the country. And as I said it's not the will of God. Working against HIS will will always lead you into trouble it would never be beneficial for you. Will of God is whatever child will be born to you naturally and not the one you make a clone of, that's your choice not God's.

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Thatguy90 says2015-11-20T15:33:05.197
Will soon be common practice despite the views of small minded mammals that misinterpret ancient texts for fantasies and fairy tales. Our creator would be insulted to know some view him as a magical sky daddy that walks on water and squirts bread out his ass. I've converted Christians with a few sentences. Cloning is "playing god" just as much as treating or curing a disease! According to your ever changing hypocritical views your "god" intended for you to contract that virus and to treat it is going against his will. So where is the line today? Sure it will change by tomorrow. Can't give people brains.