• I believe CM Punk is the best

    Enough of this "Daniel Bryan's the best" NO. CM Punk accomplished everything in his life and gets to retire young than the average pro wrestler. Think for a minute: 5 time IWA world and 2 time light heavyweight champion, ROH world champion and 2 time Tag Team Champion, 2 five star matches with both Samoa Joe in '04 and John Cena in 2011, 2 time WWE Champion, 2 time WWE world heavyweight champion, had the best gimmick for '09 and '11, was the best on interviews, OVW world champion and the list goes on. If you can sit here and say that CM Punk is not the best. Think again

  • Best in the wooooooorrrrllldd!

    Longest title reign of the modern era, only man brave enough to say no to the money, drug free, alcohol free. What more can you say? CM Punk is the absolute best in the world. If you can't see that, then you've lost your marbles. And he's marrying AJ Lee. Nuff said.

  • CM Punk is not really the best in the world, he doesn't even win everything in the WWE like John Cena

    The fact of the matter is best in the world is really subjective, but even in wrestling he doesn't quite win constantly although he has very good dialog. If we were to really look at who is really the best in the world WWE wise it would be John Cena simply because he wins mostly everything, and he is the hero of most storylines.

  • No, he is not talented.

    No, CM Punk is not really the best in the world, because he is not a good fighter. Like all WWE wrestlers, he has found a way to earn an income taking advantage of the uninformed, misguided masses that follow WWE. The people who follow WWE often commit crime or dabble in substance abuse. This is an unproductive industry.

  • Of all bands in the world why assume that this one is the "best?"

    There have been billions of bands before now and millions of bands now. No one band can posslbly the "best." Mainly because best is an opinion and also because of the amazing bands before CM Punk. AC-DC for example is one of my personal favorites and I strongly believe that AC-DC trumps CM Punk.

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