• Fake News, Propaganda, Smears

    They have 0 journalistic integrity. CNN doesn't bother to even hide their bias anymore. Many times they are"outraged" over what the President or his supporters have said, But give passes to democrats like Keith Ellison being an abuser or Don Lemon calling Kanye racial terms. When the President does great things for our country either its not covered or does not attribute credit to him at all. They put out factually incorrect stories that are frequently retracted. They mislead their audience to manipulate public opinion. Most recently won't call a large gathering of angry people intended on causing disruption/trouble a mob. Someone get them a dictionary.

  • Fake news cnn

    There has been no evidence of collusion between trump and russia but there has been plenty of evidence of voter fraud for hillary, As well as peter strozk in the FBI. Proof that The FBI and DOJ tried to throw the election to hillary. Why doesnt cnn report on that?

  • CNN is fake news

    All they do now is trump this trump that, BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP GOES TO THE BATHROOM AND COMES OUT WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS. Seriously, How low can they get with their TDS. Also Russia this Putin that, CNN discovers incriminating evidence proving that trump has indeed colluded with the Russians lol

  • CNN=Bad Fox News=Bad

    I don't like being scooped completely biased info from either network. It's really annoying. There tends to be "poison the well" fallacies when it comes to both sides. Also, It's difficult to determine who wins an argument when it only lasts 5 - 15 minutes on CNN or Fox News. When the argument is over with, Both parties say that the person associated with their party are the ones who won.

  • There is a world out there other than Trump

    Cnn has become the anti-Trump network. That all they talk about, Non stop, All of the time. Iran just had a huge election with riots, Cnn didnt even mention it. They were too focused on what Trump had for dinner. What a loser network. Go ahead and close your doors.

  • They are no longer objective.

    CNN use to report the facts with little opinion by the news casters. Now you can see the extreme bias. Another sign is they don't have too many opposing opinions. The last point is that the level of vitriol when the left is arguing a point on CNN turns to a yelling fest! Ana Navarro, Symone Sanders, Jim Acosta, Keith Boykin, Don Lemon. There are other CNN anchors like Brian Settler who are extremely bias. CNN IS TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP all the time and that makes them loose credibility. TREY GOWDY IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF A PERSON YOU CAN SEE AS CREDIBLE BECAUSE AT LEAST ONCE IN A WHILE HE SAYS SOMETHING AGAINST TRUMP. So Trey Gowdy has credibility. NOT CNN!

  • All fake news!

    No journalism. All anti Trump. Trying to keep up with the dumbshits on MSNBC. Jim Ascosta is their poster boy. They thought crowd as booing Trump when they it was actually a heckler. I don't think this network will exist in ten years. It might even go away sooner if they keep losing 25% of viewers again next year.

  • Just Saving Face

    Time warner and AT&T are just trying to figure out what to do with the massively failing behemoth. They don want to sell it to google or bezos, who would resurrect the beast and add to the competition, but it is losing 150 million a year, completely propped up by its own self importance, and provides no actual news content. There for it may be left to wither away and die.

  • CNN Panders to Mass Hysteria

    CNN is too caught up in a mass hysteria to be objective. It's not just the one-sided treatment of the President, who CNN clearly does not respect as legitimate, but also its treatment of the so-called opioid "crisis" and "epidemic." As a social psychologist, trained scientist, and friend to 4 chronic pain sufferers, I have been familiar with prescription painkillers for 2 decades. CNN not only sensationalizes every celebrity heroin overdose but perpetuates three key fallacies that suggest doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and prescriptions are the ultimate cause of heroin deaths. I can make the whole issue go away if CNN would allow me to author an essay for prominent positioning on its blog. But it never would, not from me or anyone with a similar command of the facts / data, becausr it is driven by an agenda.

  • Liars liars liars

    Don Lemon
    Angela Rye
    Do I need to go on
    I get a sick feeling in my stomach, like I'm being sold a bill of goods. The election showed me the bias of CNN, the fact that it was allowed to go on was sickening, fake news , fake news.

  • I don't think so.

    CNN is not failing. In fact, judging from my own feelings and those I talk to often, CNN is gaining in its followers, and MSNBC is losing followers. I'm a bit of a news junkie, though I go in phases of watching so much news and then take breaks, and I have personally switched to CNN because although it has become diluted, I think it's still one of the best options out there.

  • No CNN is not failing, CNN is doing a great job of delivering the news to its audience.

    CNN is doing a great job of delivering the news to its audience. The global news as well as the national news is delivered in a clear and proper way. CNN has been doing a superb job of assuring that the American people receive the best news for many years.

  • I don't think so

    CNN is not failing. It is 24 hour news network. People do not like them because president Trump is called out 24/7 for his lies. They show you what he says one day and the next they show you the lie he told that contradicts what he said the previous and people don't like that. But its News if you President is a liar and is tearing up society with his lies.

  • I don't care if it's fake news

    At least it supports the political narrative that I like and support. I used to mainly get my news from facebook but started watching CNN more around election time. I like CNN because they show only liberal values and white supremacy issues. Everyone at Fox are nazis, racists and bigots. We must help our brown brothers and sisters because they cannot do it themselves. .

  • No. It is not failing at all.

    CNN is gaining so much publicity from this election, and to be honest they report what is happening. It may seem biased, but it just shows how crappy society is that when the news sites report on it, it seems biased. So, no, CNN is NOT failing at all. Real news for you.

  • No, CNN is not failing.

    No, I do not think that CNN is failing, and that it is just as competitive as other news networks like Fox News and MSNBC. CNN still has a strong following when it comes to viewers, and many people feel that CNN is the balanced option for getting news from both perspectives on an issue.

  • I don't think so

    No, I don't think CNN is failing. I think CNN is going in a different direction with its new anchors and news programs, however. I think CNN can do better with its choice of on air personalities and the stories they choose to showcase throughout the news day. But overall, I stick with CNN because of its objectivity in some stories.

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