Is CNN focusing on appropriate material while covering the Baltimore riots?

  • Yes, CNN is focusing on appropriate material while coming the Baltimore riots.

    Civil rights advocates claim that the news media is sensationalizing the riots by focusing on all of the negative actions that have occurred in Baltimore recently. But it is really much more interesting to watch a police car on fire or a mother beating the fool out of her teenage son than watching people hold candles and sing.

  • no. None of the Media is focusing on the appropriate things

    The Baltimore Riots are happening because of the media. They are only telling the people half of the story so they will get enraged and riot. They are destroying property and harming others and being led blindly by what the media is telling them. What's worse is they are destroying their own grocery stores, cars, houses and churches and only hurthing themselves and their families.

  • More Race Baiting

    Im sure its just another liberal race baiting push to show un existing facts to add fuel to the fire. Unless they are saying people are rioting because someone was hurt who couldn't follow the law then they are protraying a lie. All this is doing is driving a bigger divide into our country.

  • Too much focus on violence

    The CNN coverage of the Baltimore Riots has been biased towards the violence taking place on the streets. People are out protesting real issues which they are passionate about but rather than focus on these the coverage has been focused on the few individuals who are breaking the law. This is a disservice to the real issues.

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