• CNN hate white people

    White people are gluten for punishment and will accept any sort of criticism and continue to watch it. However other ethnicities are quite sensitive. So this stance that CNN takes retains their white viewers and expands to other ethnicities. Very smart move CNN Very smart move.

    Fox you can learn from these rouges

  • Yes and No

    CNN is playing the race card because of democratic talking points. Let’s be honest, CNN is the media wing of the democratic party. So from here on in, When I refer to “they” I’m from referring to CNN as being part of the Democratic Party. Since they can’t beat the GOP on the economy and national security. They have to pick an issue that cannot be defended. When you call someone a racist how can one disprove a negative? So there you have it. CNN is not really racist but they are propagandists.

  • CNN is against white people

    Today all whites have to fear what they say, Have to fear not being "politically correct" enough unless they are attacking fellow white men and women. CNN has taken this to the extreme saying whites are terrorist, Constantly degrading the white race. Slavery ended far before anyone alive today existed, So did segregation and such. The white folk alive today had NOTHING to do with slavery, Most don't have it any better than anyone else, Yet CNN doesn't tell anything about that.

  • Don lemon white guy ban

    Don lemon says there is no white guy ban and fabricated facts in the study he referenced. I watch cnn night after night call the president a rascist then an article today on white angry men and mass shootings, But would never say that the majority of shootings are by black gang members in cities like Chicago and Detroit, It’s intentionally misleading and anti white.

  • Ummm DON LEMON

    Don Lemon the Black Gay Star at CNN literally said the other night "White Men are the biggest terrorist threat to America" Lumping a whole population of people into ONE group is RACISM. . Ya got that CNN? Your doing what you say you hate every day. SHAMEFUL and Hateful Network.

  • CNN= 24 hr Hate towards Whites/Trump

    You cannot ever turn on CNN without hearing how bad whites are. The "Panels of "Experts" are almost always all black or all gay or all black and gay. I could care less who's what color, But for a national News outfit to be actively promoting the black race and shaming whites every day is pathetic. I can't believe America puts up with it. I don't think most blacks are sitting around watching CNN all day. The fools don't even know their audience. CNN SUCKS and I hope they get run out of this country

  • Recent headlines on Trump

    Lots of their guests say anti-white comments and get away with it, It's almost like they egg them on. Everything that happens in today's political arena is spun into racism that ends with a white male being the bad guy. That's their agenda for some reason, Doesn't help our country only further divides it. CNN could get their point across without being so anti white.

    People do things because their have individual agendas, Bit because the pigment of their skin.

    Shouldn't say racist things about anyone.

  • You can’t google “cnn is racist”

    They are discriminating towards white and Asian Americans. They think they can be racist simply because they decide to say they aren’t. Try to google that cnn is racist and all you will find is articles about Fox News and trump being the racist written by cnn. It’s very fishy.

  • CNN is against white people

    All the report is how bad African Americans have it so do white people. They consistently bring up history when none of us were even alive. They continue to say there is racists just to start agruments to have something to report and again blame the white people for the black race having it so bad. We all have had it bad. Just as much black and whites who are uneducated. Each person should take responsibility for themselves instead of blaming each other. Which CNN blames the white person for all of he issues against the black person. They stir up the pot they love the fighting

  • CNN - where even the white people hate white people.

    I wonder how much white reporters get paid to trash other whites. Of course some white people deserve to be called out for evil behavior but there are instances where a black person was being evil but either you don't hear about them, they are downplayed, or excuses are made for bad behavior. Way to divide everyone CNN I hope you're proud of yourselves.

  • No CNN is not racist

    Just like Solbec black people. Do have it hard did you known that if Donald trump. Become president they he will seen back immigration. And that black will be back to slavery.So I,think they are not racist.50 percent of people need to back off CNN.But. White are act like they are everything.How would y'all feel pick cotton and cook and etc.

  • Just hopping on the bandwaggon

    CNN does show a bias towards black people. I am not saying that white os supreme, but there are way more factors in every situation then just whether or not a person is black. It is just easier that all black people have it harder than whites. And basically every other site is doing the same as CNN.

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