• Fortnite is better

    Fortnite is better because it's free and Cod 4 is 100$ and blackout is a copy of fortnite. The zombies in fortnite are actually fun. I have played all the call of duty games and there no match to fortnite. Fortnite runs smoother and any of you guys say that it doesn't then that's your wifi

  • Fortnite is the worst game ever.

    Cod is the best game ever I am telling people who like fortnite it will give you cancer better don't play that shit game. {as one guy told above} according to me fortnite such a trash. I don't know why people can play that game for hours. It sucks like hell.

  • Is call of duty is better then fortnite?

    As we all know almost every kid use to play Fortnite because it was a cool game but since Call of Duty Black Ops Four came kids have been more interested in it why you ask its because Fornite has ran out of ideas to compete with Call of Duty.

  • Call of duty is better.

    Fortnite lags so much, Call of duty is way better u can have friends join and kill people and go in a car and a plane and everything looks so cool inseade of fortnite i love call of duty better than fortnite i rather spend my money on fornite stuff.

  • CoD WW2 is better than that Fortnite game

    Fortnite is defienently trash because first of all, It’s just a random game. You get of a magical flying bus, Then somehow pull out a glider while your going over 100 mph. This game needs to be more realistic. On the other hand, COD is much more fun and I can see myself grinding on CoD other than that Fortnut game.

  • Fortnite is trash

    In my opinion. Fornite is trash. First of all, The graphics are sh** and are so cartoony. Second, The dances are so dumb everywhere you look you see some doofus doing those dances. Also its boring and lacks more game modes. On the other hand Cod has many game modes. Its interesting and the graphics are amazing. Fortnite is trash and dumb

  • The game runs so much smoother than Fortnite and like it feels like ur actually doing something

    The game is much better in my opinion because not everyone is like a John wick and it actually takes skill unlike in Fortnite their caving to noobs and Fortnitemares is just so annoying like in cod the zombies are balanced so those are my reasons that cod is better

  • Fortnite is so bad/trash

    Where did epic games learn how to make such bad games. Even the graphics are so trash so bad. Where did they even get the people who made these games the garbage so bad I played it and smashed my Xbox 360 over my head I had to have surgery on my head following a 4 month concussion.

  • Fortnight is a copy.

    Fortnight is trash i am so against it. The graphics are horrible. It's such
    a copy black ops came out then player unknown battle grounds. Then
    last ground survival. Then freaking fortnight It's a copy of every last game out there. Even clash of clans is better than fortnight the maps are empty and the first time i played i uninstalled it thats why cod is better

  • Fortnite bad and trash

    Call of Duty is far superior. The latest version, WWII is in my opinion the best COD so far. It's well balanced and continues to be entertaining 6 months in. I found Fortnight to be random and boring. No matter how many times I try spending time playing, Ultimately I lose interest.

  • Fortnite is better Battle Royale

    The reason I say fortnite is better because you have to have skill to win fortnite but I’m black ops all I see is people who hide in building an camp like crazy but fortnite I see people rush everyone an get in build battles an the way to prove your good at fortnite is being able to build edit an hit shots but all you got to do in blackout is hide an shoot someone before they shoot you

  • BO4 doo doo

    In my opinion i have both games but rather not play blackops 4 at all ever since bo2 or 1 died out they were good but this, This is trash multiplayer is like a 30% and zombies is the 70% so blackout is a solid zero. I have played cod for like all my life and the recent cods are doo doo who even would play it first of all blackout is full of campers multiplayer has emotes and spray paints thats a copy of fortnite just stick with fortnite or even PUBG

  • Just stick With boring multiplayer!

    Every player camps! Its is the trashest game in the history of gaming, Why copy battle royale you trash players, Stick with the boring old nuketown multiplayer rather then try make a big HIT of a trash game, Seriously just make it original also the black ops pass outstanding price, Why would u make people pay £100 for the game altogether. Totally not worth.

  • Fortnite god y

    Yall add me ZacharyGamerGoa im a fortnite god i jhave reneade call of duty is fun but fortnite is better Fortnite has better graphics and you have too actually have skill Cal of duty is easy as shit my guy like como on now everybody knows it Call of duty is fun but easy

  • Cod is trash and dodo

    Call of duty is first person and trash hsujajdjsjjdjddjjfjfjfjfjfjfjjfjfjfjfj jsusijeuehe hehe is subdue he she ddggsv I uvh h h h g h h b gg h h h g gg h h g g h h h h h h u ugh by h h h u h h g h g g g v

  • Bro, Bbro, Fortnite all night

    Fortnite is better no dout, Add me my epic is Coolblue123, Fortnite is better then cod, Because cod is dumb, And thats me trying to act funny and dumb on cod, The only reason why im trying to write more, Is cause it says i need a couple more words.

  • Good job Activi$ion

    Although I don't like Fortnite, I can easily say new black ops are going down with quality after Black Ops 1.
    New game without campaign still costs 60$ for skeleton game and 110$ for full one and it's full of microtransactions. Meanwhile Fortnite is free and you don't have to pay 15$ for new update.

  • Cod is dead

    Call of duty is full of hackers and it is very annoying. Having to open supply crates also broke the game. World war 2 is the worst so far. Call of duty can only go down hill from here. Fortnite is very balanced and it requires skill. And you don't have to pay at all unless you want skins or emotes or pickaxes

  • This game DOO DOO

    I am an OG cod player with an unbiased opinion. Recent call of duty games have been doo doo and i like fortnite a lot more. My favorite youtuber is Ali A because his reactions are very genuine and real. Furthermore he is really good at the game despite of how many hours the has in the game. Follow my twitter DhudyD. I am the only one here therfore i automatically win.

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