• Coke way better!

    Taking that first sip of a cold can of Coke is so crisp and refreshing. There is nothing like it. Pepsi tastes like its trying to replicate that, and is failing miserably. Pepsi is too sweet and it tastes flat. There is no comparison. Coke beats Pepsi by far. Their marketing is better too. Coka Cola doesn't need a ton of celebrities to endorse their product like Pepsi does. If a restaurant doesn't have Coke than I go elsewhere.

  • I like coke way more

    Coke has more fizz and i know lots of people who like the fizz. Also coke i the very best and no one say otherwise. Sure the coke has lots of sugar but, kids like lots of sugar. Do this for the kids guys do it and respect the life.

  • Pepsi Is to mellow

    Pepsi just taste like watered down Pepsi if I wanted such generic crap I would simply put tap water in my coke! Pepsi is a cheap knock off of a wonderful original and just like all remakes it fails to come close to be even a fraction as good as the original you Pepsi drinkers complain about coke having to much sugar but if you don't like sugar drink diet or don't drink soda.

  • Pepsi is too sweet and way too rough going down

    Pepsi is alright but I have a grudge against it. Coke is just better its not as sweet as pepsi. Coke also isn't as rough going down. Coke also makes me think of Christmas. I know growing up with it for 80 years makes me happy but I think Pepsi isn't the bomb but coke is just amazing

  • Coke is better

    It really depends on the personal opinion, but coke is just more original and familiar. Coca-Cola was first introduced to the market in 1886, while Pepsi-cola wasn't around until 1893, and it has been a family favorite at my house for as long as anyone can remember. To me, coke also tastes better, while Pepsi is too sweet and rather flat tasting. I also think coke's advertising is superior to that of Pepsi.

  • Has more taste than Pepsi.....

    Nothing to say it just tastes better than Pepsi and Pepsi sucks. It a BETTER brand for sure. Pepsi has a boring taste and you can get Coke at more restaurants. I'm just one of those Coke lovers. These reason are why I like coke better than Pepsi. By far

  • I have to beat my friend in a persuasive essay

    Coke Is by far, way better than Pepsi. Pepsi is too sweet and doesn't have a lot of carbonation and is a bit too flat for my taste. Coke tastes more refreshing and has less sugar and caffeine. Plus, Coke has been along for longer than Pepsi and still as more sales than Pepsi.

  • Coke I find is better

    I think coke has many memories like, Santa on the cans in December! I find it is quite refreshing and crisp. Pepsi seems to have a LOT more sugar than coke. Studies show that in a blind test, people prefer Coke over Pepsi. I don't like Coke just because of all of the amazing advertising they put out there but its because of the memories.

  • Coke every time!

    First of all, Coke tastes so much nicer and is more refreshing. I've never drunk Pepsi and got that "aaahhhh" that I always get after drinking a nice, refreshing Coke. Also, Coke has less sugar than Pepsi, and Pepsi leaves a horrible aftertaste. Not only that, after drinking Pepsi I'm also left with an awful residue on my tongue, which I haven't experienced with Coke. Pepsi is more gassy than Coke as well. Finally, it says on Pepsi bottles that it is a 'cola flavoured soft drink'. Therefore, it is just an imitation of Coke, and I'd rather have the real deal every time.

  • Coke is Classy

    Let's admit it here: Coke is more popular. Coke has been around longer. Coke just tastes better, in my opinion. The classic bottles, the nostalgia of drinking Coke just makes Coke Coke. And their customers are loyal. So loyal. I heard someone in a restaurant ask for a Coke Float, and when the employee said they were out, asking them if they wanted the substitute, Pepsi, the customer just requested water with a sour expression on his face. Personally, my favorite snack are cheese straws and Coke. Yum. There's no real competition. Coke will always be the winner.

  • I disagree sorry

    I disagree with any of those drink, none of them is good for us anyways. The best choice to suggest is, WATER! It is way more healthy with no health issues in future life. Both of them will get you in wrong health issues. It is worthless to fight over the brands. UGGGGH

  • Pepsi is way better

    The fact that Coke is original doesn't make it better. Pepsi did an experiment where people were blindfolded and tasted Coke and Pepsi, and 93% of the people said that Pepsi is better. Also, Coke's red color symbolizes safety, but Pepsi's blue symbolizes refreshment and coolness. Since a drink is supposed to be cool and refreshing, Pepsi would be better.

  • Pepsi has longer life

    1.5 ltire bottles of Coke are undrinkable once opened. Pepsi still tastes good the next day. Have been an avid Coke drinker for 10+ years, but since changing to Pepsi would nexter go back. Pepsi Max also is far better tasting than Cokes sugarfree variants.
    Pepsi is a better cola flavour also

  • Pepsi is better

    I think Peppsi is better then coca cola because researchers say that coca cola is not really the best for people because it does something in your insides. But personally I think peppsi tastes better than coca cola ,mostly because of the sugar content or just flavor wise thank u for reading.

  • Coke started being made with cocaine.

    The reason it is called coke is it was made with cocaine. Besides coke stunts your growth and Pepsi is cheaper by like $4. Pepsi wins all blind taste tests. People only like coke more because of the advertisements. They also only like it more is their friends love the advertisement.

  • You drink different soft drinks for different traits

    Coke is not better than pepsi or Dr pepper because they are all equal, dr pepper has more flavor and sweetness and coke has more fizz and burning sensation, I always thought of pepsi as being combination of the two.
    Of course different people will have their favorites but that is why they are all equal.

  • Pepsi much better!

    Pepsi has a more pleasing taste. I have taking pepsi challange 3 times in my life and i always choose the pepsi one. Coke is aweful it always leaves a bad taste in mouth and it is too frothy (selzery) and immediatley makes me feel more thirstier than i was before drinking it. It makes my toungue feel dry and weird.

  • Pepsi all the way

    Pepsi is better because coke does not have the flavor that is refreshing and taste that good,in my opinion Pepsi has that taste like a god giving you one million dollars,coke has that really sweet taste that is to nasty to drink and not like being in a great place, Pepsi all the way

  • Coke has 10 tsp of sugar!

    Pepsi only has 8. Besides, why would anyone want to drink something that melts your bones and eats away at you from the inside? That's hat coke does. Blind taste-tests have shown that Pepsi is preferred anyway.
    Last but not least, Pepsi has more flavors and variations.
    Pepsi all the way!

  • Pepsi is obviously better

    Pepsi tastes sweet, right amount of carbonation, but coke... Coke is just to carbonated. That sweet taste about Pepsi is just so refreshing, coke is just a mess, it's like they are not even trying, though, in a debate against cherry coke and cherry Pepsi, i'll have to give my vote to coke lol

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