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  • No Cold Fusion was a low quaility Science Fiction Movie

    It really depends on what type of movies an individual likes to watch. Cold Fusion was a movie that had low quality and was very different from the advanced way that movies are being made in today's industry. Obviously there is a minority of people who could still want to watch it, but overall the demand for a movie of this caliber was not that great.

  • "Cold Fusion" is not a movie worth watching.

    "Cold Fusion" is a sci-fi thriller. It's a lower standard than your average movie. For what it is, the movie is not terrible. There's a fair amount of action, although it is all relatively simple. Overall, there are many better sci-fi thriller movies out there, so I would not waste your time on this one.

  • Just another sci-fi.

    No, Cold Fusion 2011 is not a movie worth watching, because it is just another science fiction movie. There is nothing particularly unique about it. In Cold Fusion, people spot a UFO in the USSR. Man versus alien is not a new concept for a movie. The special effects are not that interesting. It is not a movie worth watching.

  • Cold Fusion is not worth the time.

    The movie "Cold Fusion" takes a science fiction base and builds a modern day scenario around it. There are a lot of "what-ifs" that lead to the plot. What if Aliens crashed? What if America gained control of the tech? What if someone stole it? What if this chick knew karate? What if she also knew how to use a gun and looked great in a party dress? What-if this movie should have been effects driven but did not have a budget to support it? Everything about the movie is lacking a reason for me to even rate it mediocre.

  • Errors and Low Budget Movie Are Bad

    The movie is fraught with errors, like one character who says "electoral magnetic pulse" instead of electromagnetic pulse. The low-budget movie has a great subject that gets blown out of proportion. "Cold Fusion" is a horrendous movie that could have done much better. Adrian Paul couldn't save the movie, and neither could William Hope.

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