• Cold fusion programming is valuable.

    Cold fusion programming is valuable because it was developed to make cgi scripts faster and easier to create. Cold fusion offers Java developers a faster way to develop web based applications. Cold fusion programming requires a lot less code than a java application. Java users can also used their pre-existing java programs with their Cold Fusion programming. In addition developers do not need to know Java programming to create Cold Fusion programs.

  • Basis for Many CGI Programs

    Cold fusion programming is valuable as it forms the basis for many CGI programs available today. Since its inception 1995, the program has since become part of Java. Cold fusion programming also helps users that have never experienced writing with Java scripts. Java is a very popular language now, so in a sense cold fusion programming helps bring more programmers in line with more advanced techniques.

  • Cold fusion programming is valuable.

    Cold fusion programming is valuable and it has several real world applications. Although it is not as common as some other programming languages, cold fusion is used in a lot of environments. Expert programmers should be well acquainted with several programming languages, and cold fusion can be an important part of their arsenal.

  • There is potential.

    Yes, cold fusion programming is valuable, because any time science is advanced, there is potential for future discoveries. Even though other plans might appear more valuable at the moment, there is always the potential that somethign else that is good will come of the work. Science marches on. Cold fusion is not completely devoid of merit. It has shown some potential.

  • Cold fusion programming is valuable.

    Cold fusion programming is valuable. Many web developers believe that this is a good way to build most websites. It is a little outdated but if you spend some time with it then you will understand what its use is. I think that cold fusion programming is valuable but we have the technology to do something different.

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