• College should be only for a few people.

    Stop lying to yourself America. If you are very smart and able to withstand 6-8 years more of school, go to college. Everyone else, stop feeding the the reprehensible pipe dream that is college. Medical school, law school, STEM, and like 3 prestigious liberal arts colleges should be the only legal forms of higher education. I’ll take a good carpenter over your silly degree from UCwhatever. Go to a blah college and get a blah degree:
    Student loan debt for years: Check
    Low paying job: Check
    Job that has nothing to due with your degree: Check
    Finding an overpaid elitist liberal mentor: Check
    Opportunity cost of lost wages: Check
    Unrealistic sense of your value to the market: Check
    I could keep going, but you get the point.

  • I'm not going

    Wanna be in debt for a decade? Then don't go college is hard work harder then high school and you're paying for your depression go to work as soon as possible and you'll be happy at least you're getting paid to go to work school is bad just like college I'm 12 and I'm not going when I'm older

  • It isn't a waste of money

    It isn't a waste of money. To those who say work and get paid for 4 years instead of studying for no pay are not thinking straight. The chances of getting a higher paying job after university is very high. And because they get paid more they can pay it off quicker but yes it does depend what degree.

    Also the argument about debt. Are you going to buy a home? Oh no. Better not do that. Not worth it because "debt". Because debt will be with you for decades! Debt doesn't mean anything. If you own a house and are in debt for hundreds of thousands. What's the difference between owning a prestegious degree and being in debt for 30-40 thousand? 1 difference is the degree can get you a good job. Flexing a house won't

  • N o p e

    No. It's not. Don't be lazy. Shows discipline, dedication, determination. Why not? Just do it. Go. Flow. Grow. Know. Show. Woah. How could you throw...Away opportunities. Helps find unity. "All this is new to me" now you can get through to me with you brand new college degree. Believe it, achieve it, then receive it.

  • College is not a waste of time.

    The discovery and quest for knowledge is certainly not a waste of time. Even if your quest turns out to end in disappointment, the journey provides enough knowledge for you to not make the same mistakes a second time. Colleges and Universities provide people who have already been on that journey and can offer their experience to help you avoid the same mistakes they or someone they know may have made in this quest. The eventual result of such a model for education is 5th graders that are proving theories that were still being taught to doctors 75 years ago. Paying for it may be a waste, but the time spent certainly is not.

  • College is not a waste of time or money.

    Although there are many successful people who have not attended college, it is the exception not the rule. A college degree today is equivalent to a high school diploma years ago. Whether a person lands a job within their degree field or not, a degree is a degree. It indicates that a person can do what is required and can persevere in long-term goals.

  • College a Waste of Time and Money

    I personally think that college is not a waste of time and money but it also depends on the person and how they might go about college. I personally think that college is not a waste of time and money but it can be based on if that individual is ready for success.

  • Depends What You're Studying

    I believe it highly depends on what you would be studying in college before you can say it is a waste of time and money. The basic courses of college, those which are easy to obtain through community college I found to be very helpful for general life. Beyond that college can be hit or miss. You should look at the field you are interested in and see if the successful people in that field hold degrees in that field. If you look at enough examples you should be able to reach an answer based on your area of interest.

  • A better education

    As a current college student right now, I do not think that college is a waste of time or money. There is a lot of good things that come from going a step farther in your education, and I feel like college is going to be a huge help once I get out and start looking for a job.

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