Is college admission too expensive and competitive?

  • College is the cost of a House.

    College cost should be less because it is legit the cost of a house! People can buy a house or perhaps a used famous car because some college funds are that expensive! Seriously, I know that you can gain good money after you finish college, but beforehand, it is too expensive!

  • It should be lowered because it is almost the cost of a house.

    Cost Attendance

    Tuition $38,891 $37,576
    Health Services Fee $958 $930
    Student Services Fee $2,443 $2,360
    Room $8,667 $8,366
    Board $5,448 $5,264
    Subtotal—billed costs $56,407 $54,496
    Estimated personal expenses $3,543 $3,454
    Estimated travel costs $0 - $5,200 $0 - $5,000
    Total billed and unbilled costs $59,950 - $65,150 $57,950 - $62,950
    * In addition, health insurance is required at a cost of $2,190 (for 2013-14) unless you are covered under your family’s health plan. 132,480 dollars for a two years.

  • College just isn't for everyone.

    One of the most absurd and ridiculous assumptions we've made over the past 50+ years is that college should be required for every adult in our educational system. Sorry, no. Even if our public education system wasn't a complete and ineffective wreck, not every person should be in college. I believe the high expense and intense competition for better schools is an effective screening tool to remind people of this, and serves a valuable purpose.

  • Everyone Can Go To College

    I do not believe college admissions are too competitive, nor have I seen admission costs (outside of tuition) that are overly expensive either. Having applied at one college and one university, I believe it is a good practice to consider candidates closely before admitting them to an institution. Secondly, charging application fees helps ensure the cost of going over applications is covered. Now, tuition, that is far too high.

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