• College is expensive.

    Undoubtedly colleges are expensive and should be free. One reason is because people should be able to have a free education so that they could have a better future. Another reason in that people can use their knowledge to help other people that might need it. My last reason is college help create new technology.

  • Yes it is.

    College is very expensive. It should be lower or free for students to get an education once they have graduated high school. Education should not make people go into debt thousands upon thousands of dollars and it should not be only available to the rich people who can afford it.

  • College is incredibly expensive.

    Many foreign countries offer free college education. This is good for the growth of the country,
    because it allows every citizen to reach their full potential. But, in America, the educational system has
    turned into big business. Schools are
    more concerned with making a lot of money from tuition and sports than
    providing a quality education for free or for a very low price. Just look how long it takes some college
    students to pay off their college loans.

  • No it is not expensive

    College is not expensive because you can always go to a college like gtcc were you can get online leaning or go to the campus and be learned for free and you people who do say that college is expensive you all are probably cheap and if they don't teach you a lot you can always just follow after they did and make it in a way you can understand it

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