• Access to higher education should be available to everyone

    There are numerous college courses from which a person can choose from according to his potential and abilities. In this sense, everyone can learn something valuable to him that will help him later in life.

    Some people may claim that that a person is not fit for college, but this is simply not true. For starters, any amount of knowledge that you acquire is of benefit. Moreover, no one can determine how much or how little you learn before you actually go through the process of learning.

    How many times have we not thought that we wouldn't learn anything from a person or a situation only to find out that we have learnt more than we could ever imagine?

  • College not for everyone?

    Some people do well in college, like me so far. Just started I love college than with other dreams in the way and anxious about achieving them. Such are achieving a German shepherd ASAP, helping animals all out, traveling, animal rights dreams and more. Some may feel like college may be getting in the way. My father feels college may not be for me and some others may think that too. Not sure, about anything currently. I'm anxious because life is too short won't have time to do everything.

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