• Absolutely, because the behavior is now more socially acceptable.

    My grandmother and I recently talked about this very subject. Don't get me wrong, college kids weren't all prim and proper as some people think life used to be. They too partied and did many of the same wild things college kids do now. It just wasn't talked about. My grandmother also pointed out that if they'd had the resources college kids do now and with as little repercussions as they do now, they would have taken advantage. A few decades ago, alcohol was not sold in many counties, abortion was not legal, and drugs weren't widespread until the 60's. It's not a matter of morality made the college kids less wild years ago, we simply have more opportunities to get in trouble with little to no consequence.

  • The Wild college life

    College life today is wilder than what it use to be because the standards that society has today are lower than they use to be. The students drink more today and get high from drugs very often today. They also sleep around with other students and this is not frowned upon.

  • Society is more outgoing.

    Society today is more outgoing than it used to be, so college can be wilder today than it used to be. There are also more co-ed colleges and students aren't as restricted in actions and choices as they used to be. Some colleges are likely more wild than they used to be.

  • We just see more of it now.

    I don't think that college life is any wilder than it was 20 or 30 years ago. What has changed, however, is that everyone now has a camera in their pocket to capture the alcohol-fueled stupidity of the college years. I'm sure if that technology was around when I was in college in the 80s, my generation would have been documented just as embarrassingly.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe college life is wilder than it use to be. Of course there are some campuses that are wilder than others, I have to assume. I believe for the most part, college is becoming more challenging due to an increase in the administrative sides of colleges and the difficulty in class scheduling that allows students to graduate in four years. For these reasons, I believe college life is actually tamer than it has been in the past.

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