• Self selected group.

    Yes, college is overrated, because most of the people who go to college are the harder workers to begin with. Is it any wonder that the people willing to work harder end up doing better in life because they continue to work harder once they are done with college? College doesn't teach anything special.

  • Complete Waste of Time

    The pressure that people put on going to college is not necessary. You can get a degree and find out you don’t like it and get yourself in debt. Then you end up as a waiter. You can be at an apprenticeship and figure out if you don’t it from day one while getting paid. There are other career options besides college.

  • Very very overrated

    It's become a waste for most people because the odds of getting a paying job after is drowning into oblivion. Also it's fiscally irresponsible that they are allowed to load kids up with debt that had they asked the same amount for a house they'd be laughed out of the bank(and the aforementioned debt being bankruptcy proof is dangerous too). It's also a ticking time bomb ready to explode as there's over a trillion dollars(and growing) that's currently out with people who will never be able to pay it back. Before the college boom, you could go to high school and get a fine paying factory job. Then those people went to capital hill, assed nafta, and screwed america. Now going to college is equivalent to high school as it was 40 years ago(except it's loaded with huge debt)

  • College is highly overrated

    College education can be useful for someone who has a specific career path that requires that kind of education, but overall it is overrated. Much can be learned from life experience as well as being an apprentice to a master in a craft you would like to pursue. College eduation has become more expensive than it in truly worth.

  • Student Loan Debt is Crippling

    College is extremely overrated. The job market is garbage as it has been for years. Telling kids they need to go to college to get a job and be a success leads to a huge overstock of people with degrees for a fairly fixed number of careers. Even those that do manage to find a career in their field get to start their adult life with an absolutely enormous amount of debt which is going to eat away at their finances for decades to come. College is not the only option that so many people cliam it to be.

  • College is not over rated

    College can help many people. It can help people with what they want to do in life. It can take you on a journey, your adulthood. It will help pick your career and what path to take. College puts your decisions in front of everything and helps you see what is really important. In conclusion, you should certainly go to college, it makes everything better.

  • Not Overrated At All

    Having attended college for three years, I would love to finish my bachelors but I lack the funding to do so, given that it is extremely difficult to raise a family, work full time, and attend college. I simply can't do it. I found college to be very enlightening and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going.

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