• Go to College, Get a Job - Duh!

    People go to college to better themselves. Most people will never care about deep intellectual and humanist pursuits which is one of the reasons that college exists, so they should get training and skills that will allow them to get a job so they can recoup the value they gave to the university.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe colleges are responsible for preparing people for jobs, however the students are more responsible because they are the ones who are entering the workforce. Personal responsibility is important in my opinion, but the college should guide and teach in ways that makes it possible for people to succeed.

  • College- Necessary for future careers

    In my opinion, college is definitely what most students and young adults need in their lives. College essentally sets up these people with future career paths. By attending college, a young adult is able to view his or her options in the work world. For example, by taking classes in computers, I decided that I wanted to work with computers for the rest of my life. Experience that one obtains in class can be used for a lifetime.

  • No, college is responsible for higher education

    I believe that the mission of college has been lost over the past 25 years. College used to be about a higher education strictly for the education. The higher education tended to make more rounded individuals, who in turn were more productive adults in certain fields. When college is reduced to job prep, a 13th grade if you will, it loses what made it effective. WHen people approach it like this, they seek the end result (degree) instead of the learning.

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