• Yes, it is a good investment.

    I think if you can afford college it is a good investment, but I think if you have to take out too many loans it might be detrimental. I hear so many stories about students who graduate and can't afford to pay back their loans. Overall I still think it is worth it.

  • College is on think you don't want to skip

    College is one important thing. If you have a chance then go to college, some people have different opinions and some doesn't want to go to college its all up to what you wanna do. But i would suggest going to college because its good for you and you'll do good.

  • College is defentily worth your time but not money

    College is so overpriced. I used to think that was understandable for colleges to charge so much . I thought they used their money to pay salary to the professors, plumbing , electricity,etc. But when I heard stuff like that got payed through taxes I was pissed. What do they need all that money for ? It’s sad how people who have grown up poor, don’t get to go to college because of greedy people.

  • Yes It Is

    College is definitely worth it if a person decides to commit to excelling in their courses. You cannot measure how important a college degree is. It is something that all employers look for and can help someone a lot when looking for a job. The material and experiences someone learns in college are valuable too.

  • Yes because college is important.

    College is really important because everyone needs an education.They need to get a job for the future. They need to get a JOB. I think that everyone can afford college. If people don't go to college, they won't be living in a house, they will be living on the street. Everybody should go to college.

  • What you're saying: Immigration hurts Americans, encourages citizenship, sustains US economy==== Illegal immigrants get college aid while Americans borrow====

    A college degree is worth less than it was when I graduated in 1971, before corporations began outsourcing departments, factories, operations and entire companies to third world countries (e.g., China, Mexico, India, etc.). Over 20 million jobs have been outsourced. And, even though most of these jobs are manufacturing jobs, it takes supervisors and above to manage those folks, so if those jobs were in America, there would be more than enough jobs for college graduates.

    In 1971 work visa were unknown for professional jobs, now there are millions outstanding. Consulting firms, e.g., Accenture, former Arthur Andersen, and other professional firms are using work visas to bring hundreds of thousands of folks from India, instead of hiring qualified unemployed Americas with college degrees. The mega corporations are destroying jobs in America using work visas. Please read this study:
    “Gaming the System 2012 Guest Worker Visa Programs and Professional and Technical Workers in the U.S.”

    Congress is doing nothing to stop this. The Plutocracy is destroying America for all college graduates. The Plutocracy has to be destroyed.


    And, then there is fact that our educational system is being flooded with illegal Mexican Immigrants that get to go to our schools and universities for free, while American Citizens have to pay; these folks are competing with legal immigrants and American citizens for what few college jobs there are. All, these illegal Mexicans immigrants and their kids need to be sent back to Mexico, yesterday.
    Our Congress needs to make it illegal to outsource even one job, and to issue a work visas if there are unemployed Americans that can do the job. All legal immigrant and citizens should be the only folks applying for jobs – The DREAM ACT should never be passed; it will only take potential jobs away from legal immigrants and American Citizens.

  • No it's not worth the money.

    Yes I get that education is very important. But education is also very expensive. The tuition for many colleges increase 3.7 percent each year. The more they raise the tuition the least amount of people will want to go to college. Not every body can afford it. Students now are literally drowning in depth due to the high prices

  • There are only so many jobs out there so college is just a chance it will pay off its never a guarantee.

    You may not even get a job in the field you went to college for therefore you may have just wasted years of your life. Only about 20% of people actually get a job in the field they went to college for. That means 80% of people just wasted years of their lives on college.

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