Is colonialism responsible for Africa's problems?

  • As a key factor

    I think the biggest reason of Africa’s current situation is European colonisation as the Europeans grouped a variety of ethnically diverse people int a country with a ruler who was British. Rhodesia for example. The is catastrophic - Kenya’s elections show you this. The political unrest is because of so many different ethnical groups grouped into one country with one law.

  • YES and heres why...

    Slaves helped build the USA, and when the slave trade stoped, Africa lost a revenue source their economy's depended on.


    please watch this video as my summary does not do it justice, I would also recommend TEDed video on The rise of Hitler. Please watch the Video and judge for yourself.

  • Yes

    Africa's problems stem largely from its turbulent past. The colonial powers in Europe took over control of different parts of Africa. They created borders where none existed and created countries consisting of tribes who didn't like each other. They turned the people against each other and took advantage of the resources, leaving Africa with only poverty and bloodshed.

  • In many ways, yes

    One of the biggest issues colonialism set on Africa that most people are not aware of or overlook, is that the colonizing countries did not spare a thought for the intricate loyalties and enemies between the different ethnic groups, shoving them together arbitrarily into countries. This caused a lack of cohesion within these new countries, which still causes problems today.

  • Yes, It Was A Very Large Part

    Colonialism and post-colonial actions have really taken their toll on Africa. Imperial powers brought over weapons, diseases, and agricultural practices that were very harmful to the native peoples and the native wild life. Even after countries relinquished their colonies, many of the countries in Africa were left with crippling poverty and destabilized governments.

  • Many nations that were colonized have done well in this world, the United States is one.

    Blaming the past is always a method that encourages weakness. The African nations receive billions in aid yearly. It is time to walk back this blame the past attitude. The African nations need to create the type of society that will succeed. The present system of aid just weakens them.

  • Natural Countries Are A Myth.

    Let's take a country with many different ethnic groups, sharp class divides, many religious divisions, different ideas of governance and no traditional association with one another.

    The weak central government collapses within years and troops have to be deployed against it's own people just to collect taxes. It's first leaders are from the military and it proceeds to elect the decedents of these leaders.

    Said country within a few generations is so divided it breaks into two and starts a long, bloody civil war that leaves half it's economy in ruins. Before this it has numerous religious purges, and fights between various sub-states

    I have just described the early history of the United States of America.

    What's kind of funny is that so much of the "colonialism left broken countries" argument is based upon the very modern phenomenon of nationalism. The romantic tropes of "real borders", "indigenous culture" and a supposedly more egalitarian way of life in the "traditional ways" all comes from nationalist ideals that became prominent in the late 19th century.

    Here's a small list of European Democracies that collapsed within decades of their becoming democratic: Germany, Spain, France
    ,Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Romania etc.

    Pretty much every country in Europe managed to get into wars over "correct" borders up to, and during the early 20th century. Countries came into existence, shared culture largely came after.

    Africa's countries are essentially going through the same thing that happened in most European countries less than a century ago. And hopefully as time passes it will follow the same precious, fragile path of maintaining and growing prosperity and democracy.

  • USA also was a colony

    Short and simple. Africa blaming colonization as their problems is like the USA blaming Britain for the civil war. As time passes by African countries will eventually be able to handle themselves but being so far behind for modern countries today will probably prevent them to complete catch up. #USA

  • Africa has always lagged

    Never in history have the powers of Africa rivaled those of of the Arabs, asians, or europeans. All large african powers had large cultural, genetic, and technological "trade" with other already established arab powers. Plenty of areas in Africa have never gotten to stone construction, despite being located in very resource rich areas.

  • Africa has lower IQ averages.

    Africa is doing poorly for the same reasons black Americans are doing poorly. Their IQ averages are lower than other races, and they have higher average testosterone levels than whites. This is why Africa is predisposed toward violence and failure, while every other continent in the world has relatively high technological, cultural, and economic achievement.

  • Colonialism Not the Source

    Many countries have been colonized throughout the centuries. They have also inevitably gained their freedom and developed responsible, progressive social structues. The African continent, however, largely consists of countries that have been unsuccessful in doing this. This wasn't caused by colonialism, but by the type of leaders and their resistance to assimilation to the conquerors' ways of life.

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