• Better Athlete - Worse QB

    RGIII has better physical tools, even though he's too thin. He makes poor decisions or no decisions in the pocket. He is a project QB. Colt isn't great, but he can run the offense at a B- level. He's won games this year and RGIII hasn't. That's what the NFL is about. Winning games.

  • There’s been a quarterback change in Washington.

    Kirk Cousins was off to a lousy start today against the Titans, so Jay Gruden did what he previously said he wouldn’t do: He benched Cousins for Colt McCoy .

    McCoy promptly threw a pass to Pierre Garcon that Garcon turned upfield and ran to the end zone for a 70-yard touchdown.

    Now we have no idea who Washington’s starting quarterback is going forward: Will it be McCoy until Robert Griffin III is healthy? Will it be Cousins again next week? Could — gasp — McCoy play well enough to take the job from RG3?

    OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Washington’s offense is probably going to stink no matter who plays quarterback, and Griffin is probably the franchise quarterback no matter what. But for now, McCoy is on the field and Cousins is on the sideline.

  • They are about equal

    These men are about equal in their abilities. This is because once a quarterback gets to the NFL and proves himself with some wins, they are already vetted. They simply need to get more scores to be considered better than another player, but most of them are on equal levels considering the recruitment process that is required to get into the NFL.

  • McCoy Not Even Close to RGIII

    There is no evidence to suggest that Colt McCoy is anywhere close to the quarterback that RGIII is. Looking at the body of past work does not suggest it. Looking at the current state of the NFL does not suggest that McCoy's skill set will even remotely approach that of Robert Griffin. No person of sound mind would choose Colt McCoy over Robert Griffin III.

  • No Colt McCoy isn't a better Quaterback

    That is a matter of opinion which is exactly what the above statement also is. There is a good argument for both Colt McCoy and Robert Griffin III being the better quarterback over the other one. However, both men have done a decent job for the Washington Redskin, and both could be considered a credit to the sport of football. So maybe stating that one is better then the other is something that is debatable no doubt a debate that NFL fans will have among themselves.

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