• Yes, they should give Colt McCoy a try.

    The Redskins' season is essentially lost with a strong NFC East, and Kirk Cousins is simply not consistent enough to warrant any optimism of a potential comeback in that division. Colt McCoy has a history of being unimpressive but accurate and consistent, so Washington should give him one last chance to prove his worth as a starting quarterback while Robert Griffin III continues to recover.

  • Yes, I believe Colt McCoy is the awnser for the Redskins.

    When watching the last couple Redskins games, I would cringe because of the way they were playing. I still do but ever since Colt came in to replace the quarter back that day, I have a little bit of hope for them. Colt may not be the best QB but when the Redskin's needed him, he came through as they did!

  • Colt McCory Is Not the Answer

    Colt McCoy has operated fine as a backup, but hasn't proven that he can be a starter for the long-term. There is nothing in his skill set that suggests he can be a full-time NFL starter. The Redskins need a healthy, protected RGIII back to truly fulfill their potential. Any other option, whether it is Colt McCoy, Kirk Cousins, or Joe Theismann, is not an answer.

  • No, Colt McCoy is not the answer.

    No, in my opinion Colt McCoy is not the answer for the redskins. The Redskins are in terrible cap trouble, and this is the reason that the team as a whole is in trouble. Robert Griffin III is a better quarterback than Colt McCoy and has more experience. The Redskins have many more areas they need to improve on, but quarterback is not one of them.

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