• Yeah pretty much

    From 15 to 85. From 8 to 64. No matter the age. No matter the costume. Whether its piderman or batman or super man or regular office guy man or delivery boy (sidekick of mailman).
    No matter the place. No matter the time. Comic con attracts all these nerds and this is where they meet and pretend to not be nerds.

    *disclaimer not all costumes mentioned are real jut btw in case you didn't see through the awesome names

  • So Many Nerds

    Although I don't like labels, Comic-Con certainly draws an eccentric crowd. Yes, I'd call them nerds. Comic-Con is popular with nerds of all ages. Some go for the comics while others simply go to socialize with other nerds. I can not describe what happens at Comic-Con though, as I've never been.

  • Yes, it's the BIGGEST of it's kind.

    Yes, it isn't limited by branding or culture or time. Comi-Con is for everyone and because of how broad it is offers something for everyone. It's influence reaches beyond the convention it's self and it give kids of all ages a chance to relive and make memories that will inspire and redefine future nerd gatherings outside of the event.

  • Comi-Con is Nerd-vanna

    Comi-Con is held every year in San Diego, and it is where nerds of the nation, and the world, come together to celebrate their passions. This is a place where nerds can feel confident in who they are, and know they are not alone. Their favorite characters, writers, and people come out to show them new things, to meet their fans and give love back to those who have made them stars. Without nerds, comi-con would not be the major event it is today. Nerds created it, and nerds celebrate it. Such a gathering of nerds and their idols is unmatched anywhere else.

  • What is a nerd hub?

    That's an offensive question! There are all kinds of people who attend Comi-con! Comi-con is cool! You can dress up, there are famous people there, and all kinds of things! I want to go pretty bad and I'm an athletic blonde whose never been categorized as a "nerd". I just think this question is a bit rude.

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