• Yes, Cinema should be commercialized.

    I cannot run as a sector or field without a profit. It needs to invest, and what is invested should have some profit in return. More money invested -more quality product, more quality product means more viewers, more viewers means more profit. So, in order to gain more profit, the product should be high end. Then, simply it means commercialization is a rule today, not only in cinema in all the entertainment fields.

  • Commercialized cinema is great for public

    Commercialized cinema is strong in knowledge and allows people to view what is going on in a broader sense. People like to see things from a visual point of view which allows different scenarios to be brought to life through cinema. Propaganda and art through cinema is important and can do a lot of good in this world.

  • Yes, some cinema should cater to viewers

    There are many ways to create a worthwhile product, and there is nothing wrong with creating art for art's sake. But cinema shouldn't be pleasing only to the artistic community. Tastes for cinema can be extremely varied, and the market system is uniquely effective at delivering a variety of products to meet a multitude of individual preferences. Commercialized cinema serves an important role and allows many more people to find enjoyment in cinema than otherwise would do so.

  • Film is amazing.

    Yes, commercialized cinema is a good thing, because it gives production companies the finances to make good movies. A person does not have to be rich in order to make a movie, because they know that they can make a profit from the movie. Profit-based cinema also drives producers to make movies that people want to see.

  • It Dilutes Art

    I do not believe commercialized cinema is a good thing. When done correctly, film is an art form where everything a viewer sees in planned out in an artistic and meaningful matter. When you commercialize film this is no longer the case because of several different reasons relating to the commercialization. In the end you end up with a diluted version rather than the product preferred by the artist (or director in this case).

  • No, commercialized cinema is not a good thing.

    No, commercialized cinema is not a good thing because there is not really a point. Cinema as it is if very good and very efficient when it comes to income. What would be the point in trying to alter it for something that is not guaranteed to make it better.I think there are many options out there for what can be done with cinema and commercialized cinema is a bad idea.

  • The Book Thief

    The Book Thief was completely ruined due to commercializing. What the viewer wants is clearly misunderstood. It is an important book about war and the human situation - I did not want a picture perfect film about a romance during second world war. Not all can be made an entertainment!

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