Is Common Core a good idea/program for America's public education system?

Asked by: president_Ian
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  • No, no, no!

    The general public has no idea what they're settling for. I homeschool my kids in a classical program, and my 3rd grader is doing the same stuff that the public schools have in their high school AP classes. They are dumbing you down, yet making it complicated so you think it's harder. The teachers are doing more assessments and paperwork than actual teaching. Go back to the old-fashioned ways that taught the greats like Einstein.

  • Quite controversial, but I don't think so

    Teachers and students alike have complained about problems that are confusing, difficult, or simply just make no sense. Teachers also complain of having to relearn certain material in order to teach it "the common core way." I also believe this is another way the government is limiting state's rights, but students and parents won't have a choice because ACTs and SATs are being redesigned to fit common core standards.

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