• Yes, but the tests should not be nerfed the way they are ...

    Our entire society benefits from standards. The weight of our educations in the working world need to be as equal as we as workers want to be perceived in our careers. We are doing a disservice to our children when we send them into the world inadequately prepared.

    Common core offers a means for evaluating an educational systems effectiveness and ultimately eliminating weak points in the system such that the educated base of individuals can grow stronger.

    Common core doesn't limit how high you can go ... It only limits how badly the system could possibly fail you.

  • Utter Stupidity Seriously

    This is a gross overreach on behalf of the government, the government as 0 place in our schools. Especial when they lower our standards to such low standards, so that people can feel smart. This is complete and utter crap, the only thing worse then that is everybody getting a trophy no matter what.

  • It's pointless cryptic garbage

    A simple question as 7 x 4 will be turned into solving problems in little boxes,its not multiplication, this is not even math, it's pure garbage and will not be needed in everyday life. The Common Core system must be dropped from all public school districts in this entire country.

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